30 Times People Participated In The Christmas Decorating Game And Rocked It

Christmas is coming right on the corner. It's time for us to bake Christmas cookies, play Christmas songs, watch our favorite Movies, and, most importantly, decorate our house in the Christmas spirit. However, coming up with a new and interesting decoration is not easy. One problem is that the Christmas decorating game can start to feel old, especially if you are trying to reuse decorations from previous years. Sometimes, this causes you to be stuck for hours finding the best decorating ideas.
If you are looking for a fresh and unique Christmas decorating idea, you are in the right place. We have browsed around the Internet and collected some of the best ideas that people around the world have come up with. Scroll down to check them out. If you've already had one idea for yourselves or completed your decoration, don't hesitate to participate in the Christmas decorating game by leaving pictures of your decoration in the comments. Maybe you will be the winner.

#1. Every holiday season my Dad displays this Santa I made in elementary school. I’m 45

Source: lateralus1075

#2. It is going to be our first Christmas with our cat, Mr. Gray. I'm not leaving it up to chances

Source: runeknight5

#3. I’m not sure if we’re celebrating Christmas or getting ready to burn witches

Source: gadzooks72

#4. I'm no longer allowed to help with the Xmas decorations

Source: drdalebrant

#5. When your very pregnant and hormonal wife wants the Christmas tree up. You put the Christmas tree up

Source: Evox_

#6. Yay!!! T-rex is happy as can be!

Source: Cax6ton

#7. My husband and I always try to find the one tree we think no one will take home. This year our 14’ tree has a 12” gap at the top. Complete with mini lumberjack mouse

Source: wsb3237

#8. My friend was trying to take a photo of her new 2D Christmas tree when her kitty decided to jump in and become the star

Source: hissyfit

#9. Every year on December 1st someone puts a knitted hat on top of the post box at the end of my road. This year's is the best so far.

Source: sammykoejoe

#10. My kind of Christmas tree

Source: Browndog888

#11. At 35 years old, I finally have a Christmas tree of my very own!

Source: FarmerHandsome

#12. Cool Christmas setup my Dad built for my step mom

Source: Snickle_Frittz99

#13. Tried a suspended ornament Christmas tree

Source: Akaashigame

#14. Christmas tree on a corner

Source: forsto

#15. My aunt propagated some succulents and turned them into a Christmas tree

Christmas Decorating GameSource: uncanny_goat

#16. Rate my girlfriend's and my Christmas decor this year

Christmas Decorating GameSource: GeekyPeeky

#17. Christmas tree created from local sea glass

Christmas Decorating GameSource: TheSacredEarth

#18. My father made a Christmas tree

Christmas Decorating GameSource: Jorn_GA

#19. Couldn't choose between a star or an angel so I went with both

Christmas Decorating GameSource: jayhillary

#20. Lego Wreath - 3D printed for the holidays

Christmas Decorating GameSource: A_MajesticMoose

#21. My boyfriend told me I had to come home late last night. Surprised me with this

Christmas Decorating GameSource: 4b3ats

#22. When you really are excited for Christmas but aren't ready to give up Halloween just yet...

Christmas Decorating GameSource: imflukeskywalker

#23. My nightmare before the Christmas tree

Christmas Decorating GameSource: citygirl44

#24. Designed my own Christmas decoration tonight while the wife was out

Christmas Decorating GameSource: Bodhi1977

#25. Our Christmas tree this year. We made all the ornaments as well

Christmas Decorating GameSource: couchpotatolady

#26. Decorations in the office are up

Christmas Decorating GameSource: MartinMucklowe

#27. Awesome, creative idea for a Christmas tree, right?

Christmas Decorating GameSource: TheSceneVault

#28. My daughter made this ornament for our Christmas tree

Christmas Decorating GameSource: stevewallen

#29. This Christmas tree made of latex gloves in my laboratory

Christmas Decorating GameSource: pine_apple_pizza

#30. Christmas Freak! Grinch Tree! 1/8 in my house! Let me know if you want to see the other 7! This one stays up all year in our “craft room”

Christmas Decorating GameSource: Puzzleheaded_Bat7297

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