26 Funny Christmas Pictures To Get You In A Holly Jolly Mood

Did the title make you begin singing Christmas songs? Christmas is coming. Christmas spirit is spreading cheer everywhere. Many people are decorating their house and their Christmas tree with a lot of colored and shiny little bells. With that spirit in mind, we have assembled a list of some funny Christmas pictures that people shared online. These pictures capturing the most amusing things happening on Christmas Eve, from surprising Christmas gifts and funny Christmas outfits to hysterical Christmas decoration fails, will have anyone rolling on the floor laughing.
Now, take a moment to pause from the gingerbread house decorating and the Christmas crafting to have a quick laugh by scrolling down to check out 30 funny Christmas pictures below. We are sure that these photos will take your mind off of the hustle and bustle and get you in a holly jolly mood.

#1. My husband's surprise Christmas gift to my parents!

Source: AmberNCwi

#2. Celebrating Christmas with my wife’s family when suddenly...

Source: scottzee

#3. What Christmas looks like in a house of 5 poor student paramedics

Source: unclebourbon

#4. I took some creative liberties when wrapping my brother's Christmas gift

Source: LegendaryTangerine

#5. I sneak this ornament onto my wife’s meticulously decorated tree every Christmas... she has yet to notice in 3 years

6Source: MrNewMoney

#6. Got this big roll of toilet paper as a gag gift for Christmas. Who's laughing now!?

Source: Mikebenitez10

#7. The Christmas Moose contains 12 gifts for my wife. The head is a bit small, but it was all for fun anyhow

Source: NovusOldMan

#8. My mother-in-law made all the men in our family a pair of these sleep pants for Christmas

Source: KyleRichXV

#9. Christmas is hard in my city

Source: Iforgotmyotherpassagain

#10. Our family has a 35+ year tradition of disguising Christmas gifts. This took over 80 hours to build

Source: altrefrain

#11. Every year I try to disguise my sister's Christmas present. This year I think I went a little too far...

Source: geoffreythehamster

#12. I used chocolate bells instead of kisses. Is it me or did I just make Christmas boobs?

Funny Christmas PicturesSource: 2olley

#13. I got my little brother a ghillie suit for Christmas and now he won't stop hiding behind the tree

Funny Christmas PicturesSource: Sillypants69

#14. Told my boyfriend I was getting him a burger for Christmas

Funny Christmas PicturesSource: Ao-Eleni

#15. When it’s November and someone tells me to have a Merry Christmas

Funny Christmas PicturesSource: UnrighteousFool

#16. Christmas Lunch ruined for a few extra $ on weigh-in

Funny Christmas PicturesSource: AtomicCypher

#17. Christmas in Canada is difficult sometimes

Funny Christmas PicturesSource: reddit

#18. Reddit inspired me to be lazy and not put up all my Christmas lights

Funny Christmas PicturesSource: Cradnee

#19. I tried to take a cute Christmas photo holding my dog...

Funny Christmas PicturesSource: dangiee

#20. This John McClane Christmas decoration found in NYC!

Funny Christmas PicturesSource: TheThickneySnowman

#21. Keeping Christmas classy

Funny Christmas PicturesSource: tubbz8771

#22. I don't think my mum paid attention to the jumper she got me for Christmas...

Funny Christmas PicturesSource: CallMeCurious

#23. My last-minute Christmas sweater

Funny Christmas PicturesSource: rippednbuff

#24. This is how I hang my Mike Wizowski Christmas ornament

Funny Christmas PicturesSource: BossFck

#25. IKEA is now selling Christmas trees. Gonna be a looooooong night

Funny Christmas PicturesSource: Swaggins-masta

#26. I sat there, staring, wondering why my religious Mother in Law had a severed Toe Christmas tree ornament. Upon closer inspection...

Funny Christmas PicturesSource: JoshuaHubert

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