30 Instagrammers Who Were Caught Ridiculously Faking Their Photos

In the previous articles, we have already introduced you to an interesting subreddit called r/InstagramReality. And those articles have made many people roll on the floor laughing because of how ridiculous some Instagrammers over-photoshopped their photos. If you haven't read those articles, you can find them here and here. Today, we will share with you more hilarious photoshop fails shared on this online community.
We have chosen 32 of the funniest photos of Instagrammers who took their pictures to a whole new level. Are you curious? Scroll down to check them out and enjoy a good laugh. Don't forget to vote for the worst photoshop fails. For more laughs, check out 31 Jerk Guests That Hotels Wish Would Leave Soon.

#1. 1st pic posted recently, 2nd pic posted 2020. The design is very human

Source: abrjx

#2. Same person - Instagram & screenshot on television

Source: Smart_Ass_Pawn

#3. Do male IG models count?

Source: epicatif

#4. She swears she doesn’t use filters!

Source: Big_Establishment656

#5. She's a genuinely pretty girl. she doesn't need all of those filters

Source: coronarita23

#6. She claims her body is “natural” and all “genetics”

Source: wolfxiwtf

#7. No difference at all

Source: Arias-P

#8. Never skip jaw day

Source: No_Spite8276

#9. This person is speaking at an event I’m going to later this year. First pic is from the event page, second is from Google

Source: chopinslabyrinth

#10. Jeeeeez a bit of the uncanny valley… this is honestly sad

Source: actual-catlady

#11. Badonkadonk with nonexistent organs

Source: SnooTomatoes8935

#12. Those are some blurry leaves

Source: itsnotaboutthepasta

#13. No skin texture. no straight lines yall, what happened to my face tattoos. no hairline..

Source: ImWeird2122

#14. Aging really shouldn’t be something we’re ashamed of

Source: SiriuslyLoony

#15. Her Ig Profile Picture vs. A Screencap Of The TV Show She’s On


#16. The Instagram pic vs The Paparazzi pic

Source: urbanwarrior3558

#17. The all new curved iPhones

Source: decentdevil86

#18. So lifelike... so real...

over-photoshoppedSource: pastaONwheels

#19. Photoshop skills level above 1000

over-photoshoppedSource: Xgoldy4u

#20. Her face looks so much wider in videos

over-photoshoppedSource: cottagecow

#21. Yup nothing to see here

over-photoshoppedSource: THEknifeWIFE

#22. This guy's Instagram is a goldmine

over-photoshoppedSource: jane_doe_john

#23. This edit seems off

over-photoshoppedSource: Myneckmyguac

#24. Croatian singer. Yes this is the same person

over-photoshoppedSource: krvav1ca

#25. Found on a fitness inspo page

over-photoshoppedSource: rileyr0123

#26. Uh

over-photoshoppedSource: realdowntomarsgrl

#27. Every single picture is like this

over-photoshoppedSource: PM_ME_UR_EYEBALL

#28. What she posted vs what the show posted

over-photoshoppedSource: miaaa30

#29. IG post versus video still

over-photoshoppedSource: keepingitreal0

#30. The power of makeup and filters

over-photoshoppedSource: brownbeanjuice

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