32 Times Instagram Users Got Shamed Online For Their Absurdly Extreme Editing

If you browse social media every day, you will see that almost everything posted on these platforms is perfect, especially on Instagram. More often than not, you feel like you are not as pretty as those people with beautiful faces and amazing bodies. But if you check out the pictures that aren't posted on their Instagram account, you will realize that the way they look in real life and on Instagram is totally different. It's because they use filters and Photoshop to pursue virtual flawlessness. However, those technologies can make them more attractive but also make them ridiculous. Like the people in the list below, they got shamed online for their absurdly extreme editing.
Are you curious to see how absurdly extreme their editing is? Take a minute to scroll down and check them out. And these funny pictures will have you rolling on the floor laughing.

#1. Salutations from Qatar

Source: Jacobinister

#2. “That moment when your eyebrow glitches through your hat”

Source: Karidaddylover

#3. Honestly...what am I looking at here?

Source: MaddieThePie

#4. “I never use filters” was in her bio…

Source: Captaincadet

#5. Teeth brighter than my future


#6. I wonder what the thought process, to the point of uploading this was like

Source: generalprime1

#7. Gonna have to go with no

Source: seashell1975

#8. Very believable!

Source: diamondroxd

#9. 62k likes, 1k comments on her "perfect body"

Source: NegativeOneSip

#10. Whats the point of photoshopping a starbucks logo on your cup..? Had a good laugh because of it

Source: joanoa

#11. The girl posts about the reality of her photos and the difference is hilarious

Source: Karidaddylover

#12. She posts loads like this...

Source: 0ddness

#13. The absolute worst offender

Source: melnee127

#14. I need to re-learn anatomy after seeing what influencers look like these days

Source: PsychologicalStory66

#15. Oh my

Source: Katlevv

#16. Not much is real in her pics and videos plus the backround moves round in them, last pic is one she was tagged in from a hairdresser

Source: clutchkickmurphys

#17. Popular tiktoker who gets paid/sponsored to review skincare & makeup products

Source: Perfect_Variety968

#18. Didn't even recognize her on TV

Source: filondo

#19. She’s 48

Absurdly Extreme EditingSource: superfunpants

#20. Found on Facebook

Absurdly Extreme EditingSource: DanteMarlvin

#21. Instagram vs Red Carpet interview

Absurdly Extreme EditingSource: irishartistry

#22. Ms girl who claims she doesn’t use filters

Absurdly Extreme EditingSource: Big_Establishment656

#23. Her post vs what she was tagged in by the content photographer…

Source: pineapplesoapdope

#24. When the reflection reveals your secrets

Absurdly Extreme EditingSource: AlertSanity

#25. Teeny tiny foot

Absurdly Extreme EditingSource: wine4cats

#26. I need help because why did she tell someone in the comments the reason you can’t see her pores is *good foundation* when she’s literally blurred to oblivion…

Absurdly Extreme EditingSource: unicorndollface97

#27. Looking for compression shirts when suddenly…

Absurdly Extreme EditingSource: vlas-t

#28. Please don’t compare yourself to Instagram. They don’t look like that in real life. Skin texture is normal

Absurdly Extreme EditingSource: Prestigious-Course64

#29. Lips fillers Insta vs Paparazzi

Absurdly Extreme EditingSource: throwabigaill

#30. A strong one

Absurdly Extreme EditingSource: mr_kord

#31. Lady on Facebook insists that there's no editing, and any comments saying otherwise are blocked

Source: chiiisai

#32. Sad face

Absurdly Extreme EditingSource: aknalumos

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