31 Jerk Guests That Hotels Wish Would Leave Soon

Running a hotel is not easy. It requires the owner both necessary skills and practical experience, especially in working with clients. Some guests are just so nasty that they trash the hotel room and don't clean their mess up. Because those jerk hotel guests think that the room is not their house, they can do whatever they want there. Unfortunately, it takes hours for hotel staff to clean up their mess. What's worse is that the hotel has little chance of recovering the original statement of the room.
Many hotel staff have taken pictures of the messy rooms left by their clients and shared them on the Internet. And we have collected some pictures of jerk hotel guests for you. Scroll down to check them out for yourself. What would you do if you were these hotel owners? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

#1. I work at a hotel. I was inspecting rooms today and found this

Source: Zman11588

#2. So this is how my friend left the bed in our hotel room...

Source: Punches_TheElderly

#3. I clean hotel rooms. I found this today

Source: fongos

#4. Only in Vegas

Source: edgy_jesus

#5. And this is why you check the hotel coffeemaker before you use it...

Source: henryriver

#6. What? Oh, nothing. Just filling a hotel ice bucket with Pepsi

Source: Drddb

#7. My girlfriend works at a hotel. This is what one of the maintenance employees found hanging from one rooms sprinkler

Source: churok1323

#8. Tea with a hint of menses? - Found a great tip. Staying in a hotel, that time of the month comes out of the blue. Forgot to pack knickers so came up with a good way to quickly wash them. The hotel kettle! Quick, fast and hygienic. Just call me Mcgyver.

Source: Torasaurusx

#9. This is the room of a hotel guest that stayed for 3 days. No pets, no kids. Just one dude with a mission to be disgusting

Source: godofallcows

#10. After investigating a complaint (smell), they found that guests got high and were using the hotel's iron to cook dry-rubbed steaks

Source: brewtalizer

#11. A previous hotel guest did this in a Miami Beach Hotel

Jerk Hotel GuestsSource: Atecno

#12. These fine people were loading the mini fridge from a hotel room I watched from the balcony

Source: wonderwoman2381

#13. Stayed at a hotel for cheap this weekend. Wasn't quite prepared for this level of sketch

Source: JMCSD

#14. Annoying kids pulled the bolts out . This is in a hotel owned by my family and I

Source: TrinabhDodo

#15. I'm sure we've all been there Dylan

Source: O851D14N

#16. David Lee Roth's hotel room during the 1982 Van Halen tour

Source: ibkeepr

#17. They literally left a hotel room like that

Source: et-tuBrute

#18. I generally gauge the quality of the hotel I'm staying at based on the number of bite marks on the toilet flusher

Source: airdanada

#19. Kicked a guy out of the hotel I work at. This was in the tub

Jerk Hotel GuestsSource: JustJd91

#20. Some edge lord wrote this in one of the bibles at the hotel I work at

Jerk Hotel GuestsSource: [deleted]

#21. I work at a hotel, a guest left this when they checked out

Jerk Hotel GuestsSource: ShinobiHolmes

#22. Found while checking for an outlet at my hotel... found one

Jerk Hotel GuestsSource: [deleted]

#23. GF just sent me this pic of her hotel bed

Jerk Hotel GuestsSource: [deleted]

#24. I was settling into my hotel room when I saw this growing out of the carpet

Jerk Hotel GuestsSource: laser_beans

#25. I work at a hotel. This was found under one of the beds

Jerk Hotel GuestsSource: EnemySoil

#26. I went with a church group to Pennsylvania, and this was my roommate's side of the hotel room

Jerk Hotel GuestsSource: Jeffard_dahmirez

#27. Um... I'm guessing there'll be a surcharge for that

Jerk Hotel GuestsSource: DonKeed*ck

#28. Lovely painting in my hotel room

Jerk Hotel GuestsSource: Is_It_Me_or_Not

#29. I work at a hotel, opened the diaper table and found a gift...

Jerk Hotel GuestsSource: TheGoshDamnBatman

#30. A guest left 5 bags of trash scattered around the room for a 5-day stay. Filthy

Jerk Hotel GuestsSource: LoopyIntellect

#31. I work as a housekeeper at a hotel. Had to clean this fridge yesterday

Jerk Hotel GuestsSource: OniTheOddOne

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