17 Brutal Examples Of People Getting Roasted By Words

People will never stop talking out of their a**es on the internet. They have a strong belief that their opinions are absolutely true and deny all others. In fact, they're just annoyingly stubborn, arrogant, self-centered, and never listen to anyone. Luckily, there always are brave-hearted people who are willing to put an end to this obnoxiousness.
There are several subreddits like r/murderedbywords and r/roastme where you can find such posts. Fairly speaking, those people deserve those sick burns as a lesson to choose their words wisely next time. Bravo to people who voiced to end injustice and lies out there. And here, we have collected some of the finest examples when people get burned by words. While someone's life is ended by those words; we, on the other hand, feel satisfied because they are worth it. Scroll down and enjoy the show.

#1. This good guy on the sidelines:

Image source: MladysWhiteKnight

#2. John Cardillo:

Image source: ocasio2018


Image source: Internet

#4. Bill O'Reilly:

Image source: colesprouse

#5. Fox News:

Image source: silverbluefin


Image source: Internet

#7. Amanda Carpenter:

Image source: suchilou

#8. DJ Khaled, who was vaporized by the dictionary:

Image source: sjschauer

#9. This cowboy:

Image source: ManicScumCat

#10. This person who just figured out the English language:

Image source: MadethisforGrillerz

#11. This genius:

Image source: Vuckfayne

#12. sixpenceee:

Image source: vwkid

#13. This Japanese manga fan:

Image source: MadMunday12345

#14. The NRA:

Image source: stevekerr

#15. davez67:

Image source: ehalepagneaux

#16. Nicholas J. Fuentes:

Image source: kajeriksen

#17. Neil deGrasse Tyson:

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