20 Questionable Signs That Will Make Us Doubt Humanity

Perhaps we all know what signs are for: instructions, information, announcements, warnings, and so on. Whenever we go out, we can easily find one or more signs because they are literally everywhere, not to mention they are often put in the most visible places so that everyone can see them. However, there are signs that are so weird, we don't even get what messages they want us to be aware of. If you don't know what we are talking about, scroll down to see the gallery below.
We scoured the Internet to find 20 of the most questionable signs people actually spotted in public places. We won't take responsibility if your faith in humanity is fading while reading this post. JK! Scroll down for some fun and don't forget to check out our previous articles here and here for more!

#1. In a Fire Station

Source: cmcarman

#2. HOME is where HO and ME come together

Source: Every-Lawyer-9706

#3. Some restrooms require a sacrifice...

Source: namelyrealize45

#4. Wait, what????

Source: falselyStand87

#5. Dafuq they trying to show with the diagram?

Source: TheRedditornator

#6. Whatever this means, I don't like it

Source: JohnnyRoyal22

#7. Pretty accurate in Texas

Source: jspoolboy

#8. Pole dancing - am I doing right?

Source: vinividirisi2

#9. Get to work, Abby!

Source: Plus_River_8733

#10. But... the squirrel says it's all good

Source: AstroEngineer27

#11. This realtor has a dinosaur on his sign.

Source: beefstewforyou

#12. No toilet in the cave

Source: skillissuengl

#13. If you don't have a footlong, subway's got one

questionable signsSource: HelpingHandsUs

#14. Only in the Midwest

questionable signsSource: All9long72

#15. This restaurant in Atlanta expertly articulates the "No Smoking" message in the best way possible.

questionable signsSource: Ill_Muscle_8464

#16. What does this mean and why do I get a coffee in the shower?

questionable signsSource: Buford1991

#17. Found in a Public Restroom

questionable signsSource: LooneyPlayer

#18. I feel attacked.

questionable signsSource: El_SanchoPantera

#19. Signs that make you go... ow!

questionable signsSource: GryphonSK

#20. Happy Valentine’s Day?

questionable signsSource: vinividirisi2

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