20 Humorous Signs That Will Make You Roll Over With Laughter

Signs are everywhere. Their content often contains information, guidance, warnings, advertisements, and so on. But if you go out and look around a lot, you might see there are quite many signs that are not like what they are supposed to be. They might be funny, weird, misleading, and stupid at the same time. There's this corner on Facebook known as Give Me A Sign with nearly 200,000 members, where everyone shares their snaps of "humorous signs and notices that most of us see on a daily basis." Don't forget to visit this online group after reading this post!
We made a compilation of 20 of the most humorous signs people shared on this group. Scroll down and prepare to roll on the floor laughing. Check out our previous articles here and here for more!

#1. I need a cat version of this!

Source: George Aakjer

#2. Enjoy your meals, cannibals...

Source: Tony TG Lim

#3. I am not sure that I would.

Source: Julie Shomsky Abidin

#4. Omg.. I was suffering from migraine while reading this...

Source: Tony TG Lim

#5. Something for everyone!

Source: Ian Finney

#6. That looks painful

Source: Noureddine Benahmed

#7. Finally there's somewhere for everyone.

Source: Irene Dominguez

#8. Yeah, but you have to branch out and meet new people sometimes.

Source: Corazon Salvaje

#9. Timing, both good and bad, is everything.

Source: Oliver Dobbs

#10. Open every day accept for days ending in "y"

Source: Irene Dominguez

#11. And all too often they let you down...

Source: Pete Tian

#12. Or cup your finger hole

Source: Maxi Baron

#13. What’s at the side the other side?

Source: Tony TG Lim

#14. Come on, it's 6:58 am and I need to park. I don't have all day.

Source: Barry Laing

#15. Can anyone explain?

Source: Irene Dominguez

#16. Is this a warning or a goal?

Source: Kerry Eileen Wholey

#17. Pick it up, please!

Source: Kerry Eileen Wholey

#18. Too late!

Source: Luis Noel Otero

#19. Whatever he's doing, the fish does not look happy about it...

Source: Ian Finney

#20. Makes sense

Source: Ian Finney

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