13 Movies That Were Envisaged With A Very Different Ending, and Now We Can't Stop Thinking About It

Filmmakers typically have a strong vision for the story they want to convey, but after rewrites, studio remarks, and test screenings, the final product is unlikely to be exactly what they pitched. With millions of dollars at stake, a negative reaction from test audiences can result in those stories being portrayed in entirely different ways. These movies were planned with a very different ending. 
As a result, it is common for them to consider several possibilities at different phases of production. While moviegoers frequently cannot imagine how their favorite Movies could have ended any other way, many of them were originally intended to have a totally different ending. Supposedly, these movies might have a different ending.
The list below includes 13 films that the creators imagined having a totally different ending. Do you believe these endings would have destroyed the films in question or helped to make a better impression?

#1 50 Shades Of Grey

movies might have a different endingSource: © 50 Shades Of Grey / Focus Features and co-producers

The film's theatrical release includes scenes that show what happened after the elevator doors closed. The footage displays Christian's tender side and gives hope that the couple would reunite, but the film's director, Sam Taylor-Johnson, chose a dramatic ending chord instead.

#2 A Star Is Born

movies might have a different endingSource: © A Star Is Born / Warner Bros. Pictures and co-producers

The filmmakers considered several endings, and Jackson dies tragically in each of them: in one while swimming out to sea, and in another, while riding a motorcycle. Some of them were even discussed after filming had started. But, at some point, Bradley Cooper, the director, and lead actor changed his mind and recommended the ending we eventually saw.

#3 Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story

movies might have a different endingSource: © Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story / Red Hour Films and co-producers

The outcome of the film is considerably different from the DVD version. Average Joe's team loses the match, and the announcer declares that the team will go home empty-handed. The alternative conclusion, ironically, perfectly captures the essence of the actual underdog story. Nonetheless, it failed the focus group test.

#4 Fatal Attraction

movies might have a different endingSource: © Fatal Attraction / Paramount Pictures and co-producers

Initially, the directors planned a slightly different outcome. They wanted to frame the protagonist and get him arrested on suspicion of her murder. However, the focus group participants hated this version that the screenwriters were forced to make the final ending considerably more positive, in which Dan's wife comes to his rescue.

#5 Get Out

movies might have a different endingSource: © Get Out / Universal Pictures and co-producers

The film ends with Chris fleeing the Armitages' home and confronting Rose, who continues to tell the protagonist that she still loves him. Just in time, a transport security car arrives, driven by Chris' friend Rod, and they both drive off.
In the alternate version, however, it is the police that comes to the Armitages' home, not Chris's friend. The film ends with Rod paying a visit to the protagonist in prison.

#6 Groundhog Day

Source: © Groundhog Day / Columbia Pictures and co-producers

We're all familiar with the film's very lovely and inspirational ending, in which Phil wakes up with Rita on February 3rd, followed by the ostensible "and they lived happily ever after." This is not, however, the original form of the ending. According to screenwriter Danny Rubin's concept, Phil is intended to wake up alongside Rita, but she quickly rushes off. It is because she, too, has become trapped in a time loop, though this time the day that continually repeats is February 3rd, not February 2nd.

#7 Halloween

Source: © Halloween / Blumhouse Productions and co-producers

Originally, the 2018 film was planned to end with a struggle between Laurie and Michael Myers, during which Laurie dies, and the protagonist's cause was to be maintained in future iterations of the franchise by her daughter and granddaughter.
Given that this picture was billed as the final confrontation between the protagonist and antagonist of the legendary story, the ending appears to be more in line with what spectators expected to see.

#8 Man of Steel

Source: © Man of Steel / Warner Bros. and co-producers

The filmmakers had several ideas for the film's ending from the beginning. The plan was for Superman to spare General Zod and send him back into space rather than murder him. However, screenwriter David S. Goyer believed this finale did not fit the film's overall tone.

#9 My Best Friend’s Wedding

Source: © My Best Friend's Wedding / TriStar Pictures and co-producers

In the original ending, Julia Roberts' heroine dances with a random wedding attendee, played by John Corbett, rather than with George (Rupert Everett). Interestingly, the directors had to modify the script because it became obvious that the focus group at the test screening disliked Julianne's deception.  “They just couldn’t understand her motives,” said P.J. Hogan, the film's director.

#10 Passengers

Source: © Passengers / Columbia Pictures and co-producers

The movie should have ended differently according to the original script. The ship malfunction that the protagonists face is much easier to fix, but a system restart makes the computer believe that the ship has docked, causing ventilation to switch on in the cryo-capsules on board and the 5,000 passengers to be released into deep space.
Because they are unable to save the captain, Jim and Aurora are the only individuals left on the ship. They have children throughout their long space flight, and in the ending scenes, we see the heroes' offspring, rather than the passengers who awoke on time.

#11 The Bourne Identity

Source: © Pictorial Press Ltd / Alamy Stock Photo

The different ending, which can be seen on the DVD edition of the film, is shot in the conventional Hollywood style. Jason can be seen peering down the hill at Marie's rental scooter before walking down to it. Marie arrives, notices the protagonist, and approaches him. They then embrace and kiss while the sun shines down on them.

#12 The Proposal

Source: © The Proposal / Touchstone Pictures and co-producers

The later deleted ending scene, in which Andrew requests his friend to send Maggie a message via the stewardess, played by Niecy Nash, while she prepares for takeoff, is included on the film's DVD/Blu-ray. The plane ultimately returns to Sitka Airport, where the characters have their final conversation.

#13 Titanic

Source: © Titanic / Twentieth Century Fox and co-producers

In a different ending, Brock and Rose's granddaughter, Lizzy, notice Rose on deck and decide she is going to jump into the lake. They get closer and notice she's carrying the "Heart of the Ocean." Rose reveals that she had considered selling the jewel for many years but finally chose to "put it back where it belongs."
All of this is accompanied by the characters' reactions as if she were holding the necklace hostage. Such an overly sentimental and, frankly, ludicrous ending prompted an outpouring of emotions from social media users, demonstrating that the producers finally made the correct decision in opting out.
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