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'All Day' RM Meaning: Try To Find His Soul?

Searching for All Day RM meaning? Here we go! After the release of BTS RM's first official solo album, Indigo, all of the songs from the album were added to the ARMY playlist. RM is up for a Grammy for his work as the group leader. Indigo's B-sides, like "Lonely" and "All Day," are all works of art. In this article, we'll look at the lyrics to each song to see what makes them work.
After the release of 2018's Mono, Kim Namjon fans now have access to the final archive of the singer's twenties in the form of the album Indigo, which features nine great collaborations, and the initial response to the album is explosive! Indigo is already at the top of iTunes in more than 20 countries, and that's not all. They have everything it takes to be successful, from sincere lyrics to world-class productions. And below is the real All Day RM meaning.

#1. All Day RM Meaning

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The song "RM'S ALL DAY FT TABLO" is popular, and people on Twitter have been talking about the lyrics. The words to RM's song "All Day" hit in a new way, and fans can't get enough of Tablo's rap, which goes perfectly with the song.
Namjoon drops a bunch of fiery rap verses in the song "All Day." For example, he says,“The commercials, these days are all the same/ For now, enjoy it as I like/ Nice dancers in nice clothes/ There are more bodies outside/ It just became a habit, I don’t care/ You know, those guys do care more/ In fact, the body is nothing, the mind is more of the problem” ending it with “If you’re looking for something buried/ Honey, you taste it like me.”
 “I’m diggin’ all day…I’m findin’ real me.. I’m singin’ all-day.” RM sings in the chorus with a voice that speaks for everyone else.
In the second verse of the song, RM makes his point clear by rapping, “We gotta fight when they say, “Behave! We got dynamite in our DNA/ Imma be okay, Imma be that way/ ‘ll take care of myself with my eyes wide open/ Haters, close your eyes/ If you don’t want to see my life/ It’s hard to watch a dream with your eyes open/ Ya, feel me?”

Fans React To 'All Day', And LONELY RM

All Day RM Meaning
Fans have been waiting a long time for RM's Indigo to come out, and they are giving it the attention it deserves. Songs like "Lonely" and "All Day" have been trending on Twitter as fans try to figure out what the lyrics mean. Wow, one fan said about the song's lyrics, "All Day." The play on words and the mention of Dynamite and DNA! Besides that, the bridge was very pretty.
One more devoted fan pointed out, "But how does Joon hint at other songs in his lyrics? "YUN" mentioned "Still Life" and "Wildflower" in passing, "Still Life" mentioned "Fake Love" and "YUN," and "All Day" referred to "DNA and Dynamite."
"Me yelling at you, trying to get you to listen to Indigo because I think it's the best album ever. The fact that RM is nothing less than a lyrical and musical genius and artist, and that," was how a third supporter of the CD described it.
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