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  1. #1. LONELY RM Meaning

The Real 'LONELY' RM Meaning: Pouring His Heart Out

Searching for LONELY RM meaning? Here we go! When BTS's RM released his first official solo album, Indigo, the entire thing was into ARMY's playlist. RM was nominated for a Grammy for leading the group. Indigo's B-sides, from Lonely to All Day, are brilliant, and in this article, we'll analyze the songwriting behind them.
After 2018's Mono, fans of Kim Namjon now have the final archive of the singer's twenties, with nine wonderful collaborations in Indigo, and the reception to the album has been electrifying. Indigo has raced to the top of iTunes in over 20 countries, and there's a good reason for that: the album features honest lyrics and world-class production.

#1. LONELY RM Meaning

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Fans adore how all of the songs on BTS RM's debut solo album Indigo reflect the rapper's honesty at all moments and illustrate the vulnerability of opening up in an almost powerful manner, even though he features over nine musicians.
Namjoon reveals, “In a moment of eternity/ It’s neatly packed her/ I hate this hotel room/ I’m floating alone/ This loud horn/ As wide as the narrowed room/ I’m trapped in myself.”
Pre-chorus RM admits, “I tried a million times to let you go/ So many memories are on the floor/ And now I hate the cities I don’t belong/ Just wanna go back home.”
More aggressively, RM raps in verse 2: “Just the data on the phone and datin/ Rendezvous with the family every morning/ My Moulin Rouge turning red/ I shot a million stars to let you know/ So many trivial thoughts are on the floor/ And now I hate the buildings/ I don’t even know/ Just wanna go back home.”

Fans' Reactions

There has been a lot of anticipation for RM's Indigo, and the fans are now giving it the attention it deserves. Songs like "Lonely" and "All Day" have been at the top of the charts as listeners discuss the meaning behind the lyrics.
Amazing lyrics," a fan of All Day exclaimed. Thanks for the pun and the allusion to dynamite and DNA! The quality of the bridge was exceptional, too. Other fans have noticed how Joon alludes to other songs in his lyrics. "YUN" had alluded to "Still Life" and "Wildflower," "Still Life" referred "YUN" and "Fake Love," and "All Day" referred to "DNA" and "Dynamite."
I was yelling to them, "Listen to Indigo! It's the best album ever!" It could change people's lives. That RM is a lyrical and musical genius and artist, and that," summed up the CD for a third enthusiast.
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