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  1. #1. What Role Does Christina Ricci Play?
  2. #2. When Does Mrs Thornhill Wednesday Do Her Work?

Who Is Mrs Thornhill Wednesday? Comprehensive Explanation

Who is Mrs Thornhill Wednesday? Here we go! After starring in films and TV episodes like Monster and Yellowjackets, Christina Ricci has become a household name in the acting world. A child actress at first, she rose to fame playing Wednesday Addams, the sarcastic middle kid in the Addams Family Movies of the 1990s.
Ricci helped define the character for an entire generation, so fans were overjoyed to hear on Wednesday that she will join the cast of the series, which stars Jenna Ortega. Also, Where Is Wednesday Filmed?

#1. What Role Does Christina Ricci Play?

Mrs Thornhill Wednesday Source: Netflix
Mrs. Marilyn Thornhill, played by Christina Ricci, was the only "normal" teacher at Nevermore Academy in the pilot episode of Wednesday. In the show, Nevermore serves as an institution for social outcasts close to the town of Jericho. Vampire, werewolf, siren, or plain strange like the Addams family are all possible identities that qualify one as an outcast. We are collectively referred to as "normies" here. Moreover, as far as we could tell, Mrs. Thornhill was a standard bearer.
Thornhill was the Academy's botany teacher and the "dorm mom." When nobody else was nice to Wednesday, she took her under her wing and treated her like a friend. That's the intention, anyway. Wednesday was very guarded and didn't like to have anybody around her. Mrs. Thornhill's first name, Marilyn, was almost certainly a reference to The Munsters, a show that competed with The Addams Family and whose "normie" character was also named Marilyn.

#2. When Does Mrs Thornhill Wednesday Do Her Work?

Christina Ricci Wednesday
Many viewers of the original series hoped that Mrs. Thornhill was Wednesday's long-lost aunt, Ophelia. In the end, Mrs. Thornhill's character was not a time-traveling Wednesday from the future or a distant member of the Addams family. Wednesday's best interests weren't a priority for her. At all. Mrs. Thornhill's true identity was essential to the series' overarching plot, which had Wednesday looking into her parents' murder for decades.
Gomez was suspected of murdering local affluent child Garret Gates when her parents were students at Nevermore. All members of the Gates family, known to be extremely anti-outcast, have just perished under strange circumstances. Wednesday learns that Mrs. Thornhill isn't Mrs. Thornhill in the season one finale. Laurel Gates, her birth name, pretended to drown as a kid so she could escape an abusive home. Who Is The Monster In Wednesday?
She was the last of Jericho's powerful and anti-outcast Gates family. To take her vengeance, Laurel assumed a new identity and infiltrated Nevermore. With her botanical expertise, she concocted a poison that would release local youngster Tyler Galpin's "Hyde" (hidden monster) identity, which she intended to employ as a weapon of revenge against the Nevermore Academy and, more specifically, the Addams family.

Expository Monologue of the Villain, Performed by Christina Ricci

Mrs Thornhill Wednesday
Mrs. Thornhill delivered a fantastic villain monologue detailing her family's dedication to the cause of Joseph Crackstone, the founder of Jericho. During the Colonial era, he became known as a virulent anti-outsider bigot. Thornhill resurrected Joseph Crackstone with the help of an incantation she learned from a book of spells inherited from Wednesday's great-grandmother Goody Addams.
A blood spell cast sealed Crackstone's soul away by Goody Addams, so only a member of the Addams family could break the curse. On Wednesday, that person was. Gates acted kind toward Wednesday upon her arrival at the Academy. They were holding off on casting the magic until the night of the Blood Moon. Wednesday, aided by her Nevermore companions, successfully defeated the ghost of Joseph Crackstone. Wednesday kicked Marilyn/Laurel square in the face after she tried to shoot her in desperation.
Is it true that Laurel Gates spent time in prison? So, she passed away, right? If they decide to bring back Christina Ricci's villainous character, they can always go back to Wednesday's conclusion and find all that information conveniently omitted. The season finale left us with the hint that there are more mysteries to be solved in Jericho. Christina Ricci could reprise her role as Laurel Gates in the second season of Wednesday.
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