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  1. #1. Where Is Wednesday Filmed?
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Where Is Wednesday Filmed? Wednesday Filming Locations

Where is Wednesday filmed? Here we go! Now that Wednesday is available on Netflix, Tim Burton can finally make his directorial debut in the television industry. A series about Wednesday Addams's time spent in high school comes from Alfred Gough and Miles Millar. Using her psychic powers and going on a murderous rampage are just two of the many things she has to deal with in this gothic-style environment, which would not be nearly as interesting without the settings used for filming.

#1. Where Is Wednesday Filmed?

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The eight episodes were in and around Bucharest, Romania, on 70 sets in six sound stages. In a press conference, Burton remarked, "Everything was amazing to come here to Romania because it just bizarrely fit into the Addams Family world." "It was a fun task to try to make Romania appear like Vermont, but we felt like we found a lot of fresh areas."
Aside from looking good on the phone, several destinations are also accessible. Read on to find out where some of the action took place and what went on behind the scenes.

#2. List Of Wednesday Filming Locations

The Castle of Cantacuzino

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Many of the exterior and aerial shots of Nevermore Academy take place at Cantacuzino Castle in the Carpathian Mountains. Mark Scruton, the film's production designer, envisioned a New England gothic palace reminiscent of buildings in Bucharest, Romania. A press release quotes him as calling the city "this big, diverse pile of architecture with Renaissance and Ottoman influences rising through Transylvania." The eclectic aesthetic represents the school's role as a haven for misfits of all stripes.


From the outside, the castle's new, warmer look contrasts the mystery transformation that took place there on Wednesday. The Cantacuzino family had this Neo-Romanian castle constructed for them in 1911 on the grounds of an older hunting lodge. The inside is decorated with Italian ceramic flooring, stained glass windows, wood and marble stairs, painted ceilings, and stone and forged iron handrails.
The grounds are beautiful, with a park and fountains complementing the big iron entrance. Guests can also see the castle's art gallery and sculpture exhibition while they're there for special occasions like weddings.
On Wednesday, Detective Santiago is Luyanda Unati Lewis-Nyawo, and Rowan Laslow is Calum Ross. They used Palatul Monteoru to film several scenes in the movie Nevermore. The historic house and monument, built in 1874, is home to both Larissa Weems's office and the area right outside it, which has a unique mezzanine with a railing that makes it look like there is a hole in the floor. Victory Avenue is one of the busiest streets in all downtown Bucharest.

The Niculescu-Dorobantu House

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Some of Nevermore's interior shots were also in Casa Niculescu-Dorobantu. The sequence appears to take place in a section of the building—also a landmark in Bucharest—characterized by a spectacular staircase, a stained glass window, and the surrounding railings and columns.
Based on information from Sotheby's, they constructed the French neo-gothic building between 1911 and 1923, and architect Grigore Cerchez designed it. Bypassing the red brick and stone structure and appreciating its appearance or exploring it in greater detail virtually through this movie.

Buftea Studios - Where Is Wednesday Filmed?

Jericho, Pilgrim World, the Sheriff's House, and the Quad were all constructed in Buftea Studios. They built The church's steeple and other features from scratch. If you want a closer look at the show's sets but can't wait until Wednesday, we've covered you with all the essential design elements.

Olga Conacul Greceanu

Scruton reveals to House Beautiful that "The Gates Mansion was at a place, Conacul Olga Greceanu," an ancient house in the countryside outside Bucharest. The owner says, "We did substantial work to it, including erecting the double garage, a new entry, and driveway with the iron gates, and breaking down the whole interior to give it the perfect abandoned house aspect."
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