10 Awkward Situations That Will Make You Look Like a Dick!

Have you ever been in unexpected awkward situations that you were not prepared for, making you so awkward or embarrassed? Do you feel like burying your head in the ground every time you think about them? Perhaps in life, everyone has fallen into one or several similar situations. These situations make us awkward, not knowing whether to cry or laugh and just wishing time would pass quickly to end those nightmares.
Many people have been sharing on the Internet the dilemmas they face in life and receiving much sympathy. These situations make them very uncomfortable and even 'shudder' every time they think about it, but bring a lot of laughter to the viewers. Let's take a look at the funniest awkward situations that have been captured and widely shared on the Internet in recent days.
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#1 Maybe she just wished time would pass quickly and she could survive after getting off the bus

Awkward Situations 1Source: cracked

#2 What did she just touch? Look at the man's face (LOL)

Awkward Situations 2

Source: Laughing Squid

#3 He should stand up and go away

Awkward Situations 3Source: metro

#4 An unexplainable fall. Look at the face of the woman who fell

Awkward Situations 4

Source: Forge - Medium

#5 When you walk into a Halloween party and you realize you're the only one dressed up

Awkward Situations 5

Source: Bored Panda

#6 The auto-writing hairpin

Awkward Situations 6

#7 Please don't come up with any more ideas, buddy!

Awkward Situations 7

Source: LinkedIn

#8 The collapse of the world must only be this bad

Awkward Situations 8Source: brightside

#9 My 3-year-old son walked over and told the man that his pants were falling

Awkward Situations 9Source: brightside

#10 'Should I knock his head off? My shoulders are so tired'

Awkward Situations 10Source: brightside

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