15 Super Funny Wildlife Photos - 2022 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

The natural world has always been an underground chest containing unimaginable surprises, which can always make us 'WOW' at any time. How do you feel when you think about the world of wildlife? Scary? Cruel? Killing, fighting each other for survival? Being exterminated by greedy humans? Well, let's put aside those negative thoughts and think of brighter things. Wild animals are more adorable and funnier than you think, and they are the truly best comedians even without any training.  Welcome to the biggest Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards of 2022! Now let's explore a collection of 15 super funny wildlife photos and take on the challenge of not laughing during the photo viewing process.
Scroll down and hold your breath! If you want to see more funny pictures related to animals and pets, just join us here and here.

#1 - A Great chipmunk circus actor


Source: Sad and Useless Humor

#2 - Strange ping pong balls and golden hands

baby lion

Source: Beware Magazine

#3 - Where is this? Who I am?


Source: Insider

#4 - Stop it, don't come here!

squirrelSource: nationalgeographic

#5 - Shame on you, ugly mankind!

giraffeSource: flickr

#6 - Don't mess with me! F**k you mankind!

turtleSource: omerlocdn

#7 - When the neighbor grannies gather to gossip

RatelSource: omerlocdn

#8 - A slightly violent but effective way of punishing a child of wildlife mommies

seal smilingSource: forbes

#9 - Evil smile

Source: BBC

#10 - This is me when I hear the news that my best friend has a love sick!

lionsSource: redbookmag

#11 - Sorry, I missed this sign

no fishingSource: sadanduseless

#12 - Baby monkey with the back of an old man



#13 - A surprised beaver with a the cutest face - I love it!

A panic beaver

Source: Mashable

#14 - Hey, what's so funny, buddy? Can you tell me that comedy story?

PenguinsSource: hatgiongtamhon

#15 - A little anger in love

Source: cnnespanol

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