Laugh Until You Die With 11 Funniest Neymar Memes Of All Time

Neymar is talented and possesses superior technique, but this Brazilian superstar used to spend 13 minutes and 50 seconds cheating at the 2018 World Cup. Neymar is famous for his technical playing style. However, in recent years, the Brazilian superstar has often used tricks to inhibit the opponent's defenders, making several funny Neymar memes was born. And anytime when Neymar gets fouled, he has a penchant for faking injuries. It is reported that frequent injury faking is one of the "tricks" of disguised advertising from the brands that Neymar collaborates with. For example, every time Neymar struggled to hug his ankle that seemed to break, the camera lenses immediately turned to those feet with expensive Nike shoes.
“He laid down on the pitch like he was about to die and was up and running a few seconds later. If it only happens once or twice, that's okay, but if it's too abusive, it's not football anymore" - coach Jurgen Klopp once said when he saw Neymar constantly rolling on the pitch after each dispute with a Liverpool player at the end of 2018. Indeed, the offense was probably "in the blood" of the Brazilian superstar. From the club level to the national team, in any tournament, important or not, it is no longer strange to see Neymar "play tricks" on the pitch to stall for time or earn penalties.Below, we've rounded up the weirdest and funniest Neymar memes. These photos promise to brighten up your gloomy day. If you want to see more funny pictures related to football and other sports, just join us here, here and here.

1. The prestigious Oscar Award 2018 would like to call Neymar's name

Oscar NeymarSource: marca

2. During labor, the pain is so great that a woman can almost imagin how Neymar felt when he got fouled (LOL)

Neymar's pain is equal to delivery pain


3. 'Covid-19! Please don't attack me! Otherwise I'll lie down here. You'll see how I am good at that!'

Neymar's scared of Covid 19Source: imgflip

4. What Neymar needs are these 2 wheels so he will never fall down so easily

Neymar needs 2 wheels

Source: Casanova de baix

5. Neymar gets injured in space

Neymar is out of the universeSource: YouTube

6. This is how Neymar obeys the rule of traffic lights

Neymar and traffic lightsSource: Imgflip

7. Come on Neymar, Willian just wants the team to have a great photo. Get out of the role, plz!

Neymar & the Brazil WC TeamSource: mirror

8. This walker helps babies not to fall when learning to walk, so it is very useful for Neymar

The only thing that can save Neymar from fallingSource: geeksoncoffee

9. It turned out that this fall of Neymar was caused by that muscular bad guy. Poor Neymar, he was misunderstood!

Neymar falls due to a bad guySource: ytimg

10. The Neymar's 'fried noodles plate' seems to be getting bigger and bigger over the World Cup seasons

Neymar's predicted hairSource: Twitter

11. This dog cosplayed Neymar very successfully. I almost can't find any difference

Neymar's hair 2018Source: marca

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