10 Funniest Accidentally Ironic Moments Captured And Shared On The Internet

Have you ever encountered situations that are ironic, funny, and contrary to common sense? If one day you feel unlucky or gloomy, open this article and laugh out loud at the 10 funniest ironic moments we've collected. Having a chance to get this article, you are really a lucky person!
Ironic situations and incidents are lurking around us, waiting to be captured on camera. People have been posting a lot of photos of ironic situations they encounter or they come across in life. These photos are guaranteed to make you laugh or cry and dispel your gloomy day. From unlucky drivers to funny headlines - the opposite of what's really going on – it's all going to give you lots of laughs.
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#1 Think safety first! Hey man, why would you hang a banner without reading its content and following it?

ironic moments 1 Funny Ironic Moments - Think Safety First

Source: imgur

#2 Well, I just did this before I read the title of the book. Sorry!

ironic moments 2 Funny Ironic Moments - Teeth Are Not For Biting

#3 When the fire extinguisher is also burning, that's called powerlessness!

ironic moments 3 Burning Fire Extinguishe


#4 I really don't think that you can...

ironic moments 4 Ironic Moments - Sure We Can


#5 When 'freedom' is also imprisoned

ironic moments 5 Imprisoned Freedom

#6 It looks like the little girl and the dog were swapped due to some kind of magic

ironic moments 6 Little Girl & The Dog

#7 Sorry, boss. I don't know how to read. So...Oops!

ironic moments 7 No Chewing


#8 Is this a fake movie disc, Netflix?

ironic moments 8 Broken Unbreakable Disc

Source: imgur

#9 Reading 'never eat alone' when eating alone?

ironic moments 9 Ironic Moments - Never Eat Alone

#10 Chinese people can make everything, even American freedom

ironic moments 10 American Freedom Made In China
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