Can't Help But 'AWW' With 10 Super Cute Chubby Cats All Over The World

Do you love chubby cats? If you are reading this article and linger over 30 seconds, you are definitely a big fan of these lovely cotton balls. Cats have the origin of wild animals that were domesticated many years ago. They have a lovely appearance with round eyes and thick, smooth fur. Medicine has proven, just like dogs, cats are a natural psychotherapeutic for many cases of stress, depression, and autism, and bring incredible results. These adorable furry friends, despite their small stature, are extremely loyal and affectionate companions. However, there are also many cases where cats are not as small as the image we are familiar with.
Many cats in the world have very cute and round figures. Just like humans, cats can experience problems that cause their bodies to gain weight, such as inactivity, an unhealthy diet, and the impact of certain diseases or medications. Whatever the reason the world’s chubbiest cats are that way, they remain the most lovable companions that humans have. Here are 10 of the super cute chubby cats in the world that will light up your gloomy tiring day!
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#1 Are your hands tired when you hold me, mom?

chubby cats 1

Source: NBC News

#2 I think I'm too fat to wear a sexy bikini like this

chubby cats 2

Source: Hub Force -

#3 A photo filled with love. To be honest, do you feel pleasure or pain, kid?

chubby cats 3

Source: Trend Hunter

#4 I challenge you to see my neck

chubby cats 4

Source: Pinterest

#5 A grape on a potato

chubby cats 5

Source:  Twitter

#6 A happy fat couple

chubby cats 6

Source: BuzzFeed

#7 Which is more round? The most honest and brave cat that dares to face the truth I have ever metBall or cat?

chubby cats 7

Source: Tufts Catnip

#8 The most honest and brave cat that dares to face the truth I have ever met!

chubby cats 8

Source: TODAY

#9 Mom, I swear I'm not wearing a scarf

chubby cats 9

Source:  9GAG

#10 Don't judge my style, mankind!

chubby cats 10

Source:  Stay at Home Mum

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