10 Hilarious Evidence Photos That Prove Cats Are Liquid!

Have you ever wondered why your pet cat can get inside a tiny flower vase and then get stuck in it? Have you ever mistakenly looked at your pet cat in a pile of rags or clothes left on the bed? Cats are liquid or solid? Cats are an animal that possesses extremely flexible body, with incredible stretching ability. They seem to be able to bend their bodies to fit any space. Many times, cats make their owners wonder: ‘is there any bone in my cat’s body?' Cats can get into boxes that are only one-third the size of their bodies. They can fit in glass cups, vases, as well as long and narrow pipes. They can even lie down and stretch their bodies to the point that their owners mistake them for piles of cloth, clothes, blankets, etc.
Now let's relax a little after a tiring day with us and 10 super funny evidence photos that prove cats are liquid! If you want to see more funny pictures related to cats and other pets, just join us here and here.

1. This is Bailey. She is 1 gallon


Source:  Bright Side

2. Such 2 magic faucets - discharge a whole fat cat


Source: BuzzFeed

3. Hold on brothers! He is melting


Source: Wouter Planet

4. If a cat writes the alphabet, the first letter will be the letter 'L'


Source: Reddit

5. What two perfectly ideal beds! But why her attitude is so strange?

catliquid5Source: grapee

6. A kitten in the shape of the number 8

catliquid6Source: Bright Side

7. This cat seems to have only a head. Where did he hide his body?


Source: Animal Channel

8. What a cute furry glass!


Source: Bored Panda

9. I just went to the market to buy vegetables. Unlike the original purpose, I brought back a 'bunch' of cat


Source: Cuteness

10. I've spent 10 minutes staring at this picture but I still can't tell if one or two cats are in the vase.


Source: Pinterest

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