10 Most Destructive Cats That Ruined Their Owners' Day!

Owning a cat brings a lot of joy to the owner, but you have to accept the 'tragic incidents' that your 'little boss' can cause. Do you think that only dogs bite things and cats don't? Then after becoming a true cat owner, you will know the fact that the power of destructive cats is not trivial! You leave the vase on the table - they knock it over. You put a glass of water on the table - they kick it away. As long as cats like, they will turn your home into a dump in the blink of an eye. In short, there's nothing that 'bosses' can't let in free fall.

Have you ever had a problem with cats destroying your property? If you are reading this, then maybe there is a kitten in your house. If that is the case, then you have probably also experienced a few of these situations. Scroll down to see some of the funniest pictures of extremely destructive cats and compare them to your 'meow'.

1. The flower pot breaker

cat and the broken vaseSource: thediscerningcat

2. The little bully

cat the bullySource: pawsplanet

3. The veggie destroyer

cat destroys veggie potSource: boredpanda

4. The camera terminator

cat destroy cameraSource: petcareadvisors

5. The toilet paper's enermy

cat The toilet paper's enermySource: istockphoto

6. The couch scratcher

cat The couch scratcherSource: allaboutcats

7. The newspaper tearer

cat The newspaper tearerSource: kittybloger

8. The one who turns the house into a dump in the blink of an eye

cat the messerSource: reddit

9. The one with the most stubborn face

cat the hater

Source: reddit

10. Someone please explain to me: how did he get in there?

naughty catSource: knowyourmeme

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