Feeling Bored? It's Time To Look At Some Hilarious Random Pictures (30+ Pics)

Everyone can agree that the internet is a fantastic invention. It provides a place for us to work, study, and communicate. Plus, it contains data and information that we access regularly, amounting to thousands of zettabytes. Despite all of its benefits, we believe that the internet's greatest asset is its capacity to entertain us after a long day at work and school or to simply cure our boredom. Therefore, let us introduce you to the entertaining highlights of the internet: Random pics.
You'll see a lot of strange situations as you scroll down, such as people frying potatoes with a shovel and someone riding a bike with a steering wheel. Some of that will leave you wondering "What the hell is going on here?" or "How the heck did this happen?" However, don’t try to understand any of these images, because there is no sense to be made. Then again, they are funny for exactly that reason.
Without further ado, check out our list, which we know you'll like. Please enjoy!

#1 This doormat.

Source: Krermit

#2 Omg YES.

Source: reddit

#3 Who let the dogs out?

Source: randomthrowawaiii

#4 Who needs birth control when you can just YEET the baby.

Source: sirjoancornella

#5 A handsome branch manager.

Source: meta_visions

#6 When there are not quite enough characters on your stereo's readout.

Source: Berk_On_A_Bike

#7 Nope, this is not for me.

Source: pinterest

#8 The birth of the Joker.

Source: knowyourmeme

#9 Pop open an elegant one.

Source: moo_roar

#10 The idea is there, but the execution is not.

Source: pinterest

#11 "You're going down with me!"

Source: pinterest

#12 This lion's mane haircut.

Source: Sha11owBay

#13 Shh! It's a secret entrance.

Source: ixorabones

#14 "Gib be back by node!"

Source: meta_visions

#15 That kid is plotting a rescue operation the parents won't like.

Source: meta_visions

#16 Oh no! They're evolving!

Source: meta_visions

#17 A stairway to heaven.

Source: JohanCruijfff

#18 Behold the octopussy.

Source: meta_visions

#19 Don't do nip, kids.

Source: meta_visions

#20 Just map glitch I found on game.

Source: GelatinSkeleton3

#21 A sugar kitty.

Source: meta_visions

#22 At the 3rd floor you will hit yourself three months from now thank us.

Source: james_pawned

#23 When you want to know, but don't want to be obvious.

Source: ifunny

#24 Worth the electrocution.

Source: Romain Laurent

#25 I have so many questions.

Source: veterinaria_memes


#26 Somewhere there's a pic of a boat with handlebars.

Source: SomeImages1

#27 That is why he hasn't returned, he's been waiting for the cat to get off his lap.

Source: reddit

#28 That's a good boy!

Source: Worickorell

#29 AaaAAAAaAaAaaaaaAAAAa

Source: nihilism1998

#30 "Morning Lisa!"

Source: SomeImages1

#31 Groot's ex-wife.

Source: SomeImages1


Source: reddit

#33 "Some people's bodies are a temple. My body is a whole island."

Source: PastaManSan

#34 Eye-glashes.

Source: DenshaDev

#35 Um, congratulations?

Source: SomeImages1


Source: anislitim

#37 Eye for an eye, finger for a paw.

Source: reddit

#38 Where there's a will, there's a way.

Source: SomeImages1


Source: SomeImages1

#40 For Sale: Original Xbox Controller - One owner, works well, no batteries needed. Guaranteed to last longer than you.

Source: SomeImages1

What picture makes you laugh the most? What is your favorite one? Tell us in the comments below.
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