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  1. #1. Positive Sign In Juju Smith Schuster Injury

Juju Smith Schuster Injury Updated: Positive Sign

Searching for information about Juju Smith Schuster injury? Here we go!  This season, JuJu Smith-Schuster has been nothing short of a revelation for the Kansas City Chiefs offense, particularly as he has gained more experience and built greater chemistry with Patrick Mahomes and his other teammates. The Kansas City Chiefs offense has been led by Patrick Mahomes, who has been the team's starting quarterback.
Because of this, it was really upsetting to watch him limp off the field during the game against the Jacksonville Jaguars that took place on Sunday at Arrowhead Stadium due to an injury. Also, here is updated news about Khalil Herbert's injury.

#1. Positive Sign In Juju Smith Schuster Injury

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After taking a hard hit from Jaguars safety Andre Cisco, Smith-Schuster ended up having to leave the game, and the Chiefs revealed later that day that the veteran receiver is currently going through the concussion protocol with the organization. Why Was Aaron Rodgers Yelling At Coach?
In their comments to the media after the game, players for the Chiefs mentioned that Smith-Schuster was talking and being playful in the locker room, which was already a promising indication. On Monday, though, Smith-Schuster provided Chiefs Kingdom supporters with a firsthand report that things were looking up; at the very least, that is how everyone is going to read the current state of affairs.

Positive Sign Posted On Instagram

Juju Smith Schuster Injury
Smith-Schuster has emerged as the Chiefs' new No. 1 option at wide receiver to go along with Travis Kelce's presence in the passing game. So far this season, Smith-Schuster has 46 receptions for 615 yards and two touchdowns for the Chiefs. He also has a total of 615 yards receiving. This spring, the Chiefs eventually successfully signed Smith-Schuster to a one-year contract after having pursued him in the previous two free agency seasons as well.
Because of the terms of his contract, Chiefs fans have frequently stated their desire for a long-term deal to be reached between the team and Smith-Schuster on various social media platforms.
It is not as if the ship has sunk due to the absence of Smith-Schuster from the lineup because the Chiefs have a lot of players on offense who need to be fed. Despite this, he is undeniably one of their most potent weapons, and his existence is a large part of the reason why the offense is still so dangerous and efficient despite the fact that Tyreek Hill was traded.
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