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  1. #1. Why Was Aaron Rodgers Yelling At Coach?

Why Was Aaron Rodgers Yelling At Coach?

Why was Aaron Rodgers yelling at coach? Here we go! On Sunday, the quarterback for the Packers, Aaron Rodgers, appeared noticeably agitated while standing on the sidelines. Tell us if you've heard this one before.
After being caught on camera yelling at head coach Matt LaFleur in the waning seconds of regulation time during Green Bay's victory over Dallas in Week 10, quarterback Aaron Rodgers is once again facing criticism for an incident that seems to resurface every couple of weeks. The incident occurred during the game. Also, check out Christian Watson's Fantasy Points.

#1. Why Was Aaron Rodgers Yelling At Coach?

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According to a report that was published on Monday by NESN, the reason for this heated debate was because of the conservative play-calling that LaFleur made late in the game, which resulted in Green Bay punting on their final drive in the regular season. Did OBJ Sign With The Cowboys?
According to a tweet posted by FOX Sports NFL on Sunday, "Aaron Rodgers shows irritation towards Matt LaFleur following the third-down play call." LaFleur called running plays on first and second down with just under two minutes left to play, and the score knotted at 28. This left the Packers with a third-and-1 situation on their own 42-yard line.

Rodgers Explained

Aaron Rodgers Yelling At Coach
Rodgers immediately approached LaFleur after the ball he attempted on third down was incomplete, and he exchanged numerous pointed comments with his head coach. After the Packers' victory, Rodgers explained why he was so furious, and he didn't sugarcoat his opinion on LaFleur's play calls in the final few minutes of the game:
"Just every single play call, probably. Yeah, I felt like we were like 30 yards from ending the game in regulation. And also felt like it was two-minute (offense) so I was going to be calling those (plays). And I was in a pretty good rhythm, obviously I didn’t have a ton of attempts tonight, but I felt like I was in a pretty good rhythm. I felt like I threw the ball just about exactly where I wanted to tonight. So I wanted a chance to go win the game.”
As he has done multiple times this season, LaFleur accepted responsibility for the blunders late in the game and gave credit to his quarterback for making up for his "indecision."
"When we are in those kinds of predicaments, we tend to allow Aaron a great deal of leeway to direct the proceedings. LaFleur remarked that "and he does an excellent job of it." "Okay, so hindsight is 20/20, but I have to take responsibility for that. Totally.” As the Packers prepare for their Week 11 game against the Tennessee Titans, quarterback Aaron Rodgers and offensive coordinator Matt LaFleur will need to put this dust-up behind them swiftly.
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