10 Unbelievable People Will Surprise You With Their Super Weird Body Parts!

We all want to give birth to healthy babies with normal body parts like everyone else, right? Even we ourselves often feel lucky because we were born healthy, without any defects in the body. In fact, there are many unlucky cases in the world as they are born with body defects, from simple to serious, affecting their appearance and confidence noticeably. From cases of excess body parts to deformity of an entire body area. There are even cases that scare people around. Let's take a look at 10 cases of unbelievable people with weird body parts and show your sympathy for them. Be prepared because you will probably have to sweat before some scary situations!
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1. Count the toes and fingers of this little boy. I can't imagine how he can function in everyday life

multiple toes and fingersSource: baklol

2. These eyes must have been the inspiration for the makers of eyeballs gummy candy for Halloween



3. There are many ways to express your love to your crush, such as using a heart-shaped earIs this a toe or a finger?

heart-shaped earSource: brightside

4. Are they toes or fingers? I'm a bit confused by their length. It will be difficult if the owner of these feet wants to wear open-toe heels.

unusually long toesSource: brightside

5. It looks like a baby is trying to come out of this boy's stomach

2 bodiesSource: foxnews

6. Do you see next to the spikes are two real horns? I think this is definitely a product of plastic surgery, not a natural factor

real horns


7. Extremely rare case: bicolor eyes split vertically into two halves

2-color eyesSource: buzzfeed

8. Hairy fingers

hair on fingersSource: buzzfeed

9. Mysterious hands

Source: littlethings

10. The ear is misplace

ear on forearmSource: theverge

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