28 Times Not-So-Smart People Caught Doing The Not So Smart Things

"Why did I do that?" These are words we've all said at least once because we all do stupid things in life that we later regret. If you are lucky, you are alone, and the only negative consequences are the slightly bruised ego that comes with the realization that you aren’t quite as clever as you thought you were. But if you are one of these unlucky folks, your stupid acts will be captured and put on the internet forever. Continue reading because this is a collection of people who were caught doing all the not so smart things, and we bet it will be quite entertaining.
Whether it's taking pictures with wild crocodiles or dressing up as Hitler, the people you are about to see are of a whole different breed. Some of the things they are doing should not have crossed their minds as good ideas! And the worst part about it: What were they thinking? Well, we have no answer to that. But if you do, let us know in the comments below.
For now, buckle up and get ready to poke fun at them and feel a little bit better about ourselves. Enjoy!

#1. Well...

Source: mirror

#2. Alright.

Source: hucc_

#3. Have fun!

Source: PerspectiveFriendly

#4. These two:

Source: Facebook

#5. That's not how you play it, ladies.

Source: Unknown

#6. Girl...

Source: Unknown

#7. "Let me see ya grill!"

Source: Maverick127

#8. Whyyy?

Source: Unknown

#9. Not really sure what is trying to be accomplished here.

Source: NexGenCN

#10. Puff puff POW!

Source: TheRiskOfTime

#11. And another one.

Source: trinxter

#12. In Wisconsin, a man was celebrating Halloween by dressing up as Hitler:

Not So SmartSource: FarmSuch5021

#13. Driving across the frozen lake.

Source: Rgnxsupreme

#14. "Honey, your food's dripping..."

Not So SmartSource: Kwasbeb

#15. Not so smart eh?

Source: Unknown

#16. Some people wonder why there are warning labels on everything. This is one example:

Not So SmartSource: need_my_amphetamines

#17. "So my girlfriend didn't want to lose the keys to her lock..."

Not So SmartSource: xAIRGUITARISTx

#18. I bet he died of coffin.

Not So SmartSource: thisisnthappiness

#19. Just give passengers a loaded gun, why don't you?

Not So SmartSource: Ryno3639

#20 Well, this was not a good idea.

Source: gizzoojr

#21. Drive to the beach they said. It will be fun they said:

Not So SmartSource: kozynak

#22. "My friend's mother thought that the croissants would just roll themselves up while cooking."

Not So SmartSource: Papaspartan05

#23. I don't think that's how they are supposed to be used

Not So SmartSource: haqbar

#24. Wow, just wow!

Not So SmartSource: roomiccube

#25. "My 12-year-old nephew decided that hitting a spray paint can with a hammer was a good idea."

Not So SmartSource: daddaman1

#26. "Saw these girls at IKEA. What were they thinking?"

Not So SmartSource: NeeNee9

#27. Well, sh*t.

Not So SmartSource: kirvesperse

#28. "I am not a smart man."

Not So SmartSource: Dsquared77

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