30 Of The Most Stupid, Dangerous, And Reckless Acts Captured On Camera

“Safety first”—everyone knows this saying. Keeping things safe doesn’t have to be difficult since all you need is common sense. For example, when you use a ladder to reach objects up high, you will place the ladder on a flat surface, not a bumpy one. Using common sense, isn’t it simple? However, not everyone thinks the same way, which is why today we will bring you the times when people do things thoughtlessly, even ridiculously stupid that captured on camera.
From cleaning windows to installing lightbulbs, these folks completely throw common sense out the window as they find the most dangerous ways to get things done. Working in a thoughtless way puts themselves and those around them at risk, so the takeaway here is that we shouldn’t be like them.
To find out what they did and prevent you from making the same mistake, let’s scroll down and check 30 of the most stupid, dangerous, and reckless acts captured on camera. Enjoy!

#1. Have fun going back in.

Source: Pinterest

#2. Circus performers have nothing on these guys:

Source: Pinterest

#3. This will end very well.

Source: gelhzz

#4. Fixing the car or setting up a mouse trap?

Source: autobodymagazine

#5. Don't look down!

Source: home-dzine

#6. I'm not sure if he is very brave or very stupid.

Source: Flickr

#7. Teamwork in a nutshell:

Source: SHEQMagazine

#8. And they didn't even cut off the power.

Source: SHEQMagazine

#9. At least it’s a nice view…

Source: UVE

#10. Dancin’ on glass:

Source: manchestereveningnews

#11. Please don’t look up.

Source: player

#12. The article's title said it all:

Source: djjuzz

#13. He has the neck for this.

Source: Pinterest

#14. Water and electricity are not friends, my guy.

Captured On CameraSource: Pinterest

#15. How to not use ladders:

Captured On CameraSource: achrnews

#16. Just 2 young lads in Russia:

Source: olsten

#17. "The sign is just for decoration"

Captured On CameraSource: horus

#18. They really said "2 is greater than 1"

Captured On CameraSource: unterstein

#19. These young fellas did not think it through, did they?

Captured On CameraSource: cynicalhumor

#20. Famous last words: "We got it!"

Captured On CameraSource: vivekro073

#21. Oh! My! God!!!

Captured On CameraSource: JrB11784

#22. But... Why?

Captured On CameraSource: fitnessmadeclear

#23. "We got you, buddy"

Captured On CameraSource: woodycarpenter1

#24. Just because you can, doesn't mean you should

Captured On CameraSource: Hadtwohurt

#25. 5 grown men, and yet none of them find this stupid and dangerous

Captured On CameraSource: Hadtwohurt

#26. Nah, this guy can't be real

Captured On CameraSource: verganas

#27. He is focusing on the wrong thing

Captured On CameraSource: verganas

#28. Test drive:

Captured On CameraSource: verganas

#29. Did he finally regret climbing up?

Captured On CameraSource: sadanduseless

#30. Who is the bigger idiot? The guy who thinks this will work, or the guy who thinks he is helping

Captured On CameraSource: sadanduseless

Which one of these photos shocked you the most? Let us know in the comments section below. Also, visit this link for more amusing posts like this one. Enjoy!
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