27 Facepalm Moments That Will Make You Question Humanity

We often wonder if social media is making us stupider or if it's just exposing the stupidity that was there all along. While we prefer to pretend this isn't the case, one thing is sure: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram aren't raising any IQs. Humans may be the most intelligent creatures in the world, but that doesn't mean we aren't also the dumbest. Keep scrolling to make fun of some facepalm moments that showcase humanity's stupid side.
From the stupid press clickbait title to the audacity of holding a presentation titled "Is slavery always bad?", the people listed below have completely embarrassed themselves with their stupidity. That is why they are rightfully getting shamed for it online. So let's get ready to poke fun at their dumb mistakes by scrolling down and checking them out. Enjoy!

#1. Beth refuses the free 80 cents.

Source: _Xyreo_

#2. So... did they get the job?

Source: Witty-Use4960

#3. Let's try something called reading, you might like it.

Source: asianj1m

#4. Oh no, not avocados!

Source: virsugfoo25

#5. So poor people don't deserve to have money?!

Source: guieldo

#6. America in one picture:

Source: imll99

#7. She sounds nice.

Source: MrsKurtz

#8. Love to see clickbait get owned

Source: cherrythrow7

#9. WHAT???

Source: naren8585

#10. Smells like bait, but it's a good comeback

Source: killHACKS

#11. Failed state.

Source: _Xyreo_

#12. The state of the world.

Source: esberat

#13. To be fair, apple is scary enough to keep the doctors away.

Source: Bonelesszeeebra

#14. The IT crowd.

Source: hjgbuijhgh

#15. An 8-year-old shouldn’t have to do this.

Source: Fishsticks011

#16. "We ordered a grill. Got 300 iPads"

Source: usuzulose

#17. Kids solve all problems.

Source: pietradolce

#18. What’s the problem?

Source: StrokeRN18

#19. Truth stings.

Source: killHACKS

#20. This girl’s presentation at my local University:

Source: ronronthadon

#21. A reason why YouTube ads are a problem:

Source: GrantFunko

#22. It would have been a nice heads-up.

Source: pietradolce

#23. "This you?"

Source: stokelymitchell

#24. Don't have a CaShApP

Source: __Dawn__Amber__

#25. Old, but gold.

Source: creatingastorm

#26. The wrong people have money.

Source: masteromatic

#27. Pro-life logic: taking her life for a fetus abortion.

Source: Pleasant-Force

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