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  1. #1. Is Meredith Leaving Grey Sloan?
  2. Why Does She Leave?

Is Meredith Leaving Grey Sloan? Why Does She Leave?

Is Meredith leaving Grey Sloan? Here we go! Before the commencement of the 19th season of Grey's Anatomy, it was revealed that Pompeo, who has portrayed the titular Grey since the first episode of the series, was going to have limited involvement in the show this year. Pompeo has played the character since the very first episode of Grey's Anatomy.

Since the first episode, Pompeo has been a regular cast member of Grey's Anatomy. It has been revealed that she will only feature in eight show episodes. To be more specific: (though, she will continue to provide the narration for the entire season). And now, the last fragments of her farewell are gradually coming together to form a whole. Here is the comprehensive Grey's Anatomy: Thunderstruck recap.

#1. Is Meredith Leaving Grey Sloan?

Is Meredith Leaving Grey Sloan Source: Netflix

Throughout the season, Meredith has been working hard to locate helpful methods that she may employ to assist her daughter Zola (Aniela Gumbs), who has been experiencing panic attacks. And while Zola was on holiday in Massachusetts recently, she became intrigued with enrolling at a school in the city of Boston designed for intellectually bright pupils. Where do we stand with Meredith?

Well, she just so happened to be in the right place at the right time to receive a job offer from none other than Jackson Avery (Jesse Williams), who had only recently relocated to the Boston area. In the show's earlier seasons, Meredith saw her mother struggle with Alzheimer's. The work opportunity presented to her now allows her to investigate the possibility of finding a cure for the illness. Meredith considered this to be one of her strongest selling points.

Why Does She Leave?

Is Meredith Leaving Grey Sloan

Meredith is the most recent Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital doctor to go to Boston. It will be time to say goodbye to her on the 23rd of February when the show returns for its winter debut. On Thursday, after the final episode of the season was shown, ABC presented a sneak peek at the future season of the show. The preview focused on Meredith's impending huge move, shown on ABC.

In the advertisement, Meredith can be heard saying that the time has arrived for her "big last day," which, by definition, means that there will be a toast, regardless of whether or not she is in favor of it. The toast will take place regardless of whether or not Meredith is in favor of it. 
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