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  1. #1. The Comprehensive Greys Anatomy Thunderstruck Review

Comprehensive Greys Anatomy Thunderstruck Review

Searching for the Greys Anatomy Thunderstruck review? Here we go! The season finale of Grey's Anatomy exploded with tension on Thursday. Grey Sloan's doctors were tasked with patching back together the damaged while bracing for the shock of which ABC's commercials had warned us as an electrical storm sent jolt after jolt to Seattle. Inquiring minds want to know: what was it? Let's talk about it as you read on.

#1. The Comprehensive Greys Anatomy Thunderstruck Review

Greys Anatomy Thunderstruck Review Source: Grey's Anatomy
Meredith emailed her coworkers at Grey Sloan as "Thunderstruck" started to let them know she was leaving. Nick's reaction to the news. Mer told Amelia and Maggie that they hadn't brought it up in conversation. The chemistry between Lucas and Simone was exciting to 11. (Excuse me, I'm in love with them already.) And Link reminded Jo that the clinic was open for business regardless of the weather since women require abortions year-round.
Regrettably, she arrived just in time to find out that bureaucratic red tape had slowed the clinic's opening. Amelia dragged Lucas in front of his classmates and made him admit he was a Shepherd because she was upset that he hadn't already told them they weren't sleeping together. She elaborated, "We are not currently and have never been having sex." I mean, "with each other." Residents worried Mer's departure would mark the end of their residency program, but Nick reassured them that the program was more than the sum of its parts and that they, not any one surgeon, were the program's driving force.
Jonathan, the TV reporter whose aircraft was struck by lightning on Station 19, arrived at the emergency room shortly afterward. He was in such critical condition that he had to be taken to the hospital in the chair that had been removed from the helicopter. A light bulb appeared above Teddy's head when the patient apologized to his wife Paola for his resentment that she had wanted him to give up his dream of being a war correspondent for her.


Greys Anatomy Thunderstruck Review
A release from Owen's disciplinary confinement seemed imminent. Mika informed Altman that Mika's example had revived her conviction that she could be anything after Teddy and Owen assured Paola that Jonathan would pull through. And Teddy? She was a "badass boss lady surgeon, and I want to be you when I grow up." Mer asked Tessa, a children's book author with pancreatitis, to sign copies of her books for her kids, but she declined to have her signature because she already had the author's Jane Hancock from when she was a kid.
Simone asked Lucas whether he felt better knowing his dark secret was out before scrubbing in on Tessa's Whipple operation. He said it wasn't so much that it was better than it was simply different. (The scene's emphasis, of course, was on how well she was ready for the Whipple. That, and their increasing flirtatiousness. Nick offered Lucas a confidence boost and told him he had what he had to make it big before the operation. Nick was encouraging in the operating room while Mer played it safe. She determined Adams was too exhausted to continue, so Simone took his place on stage. The action in that operating room wasn't over yet.


Greys Anatomy Thunderstruck Review
Richard asked Nick if he and Mer were going to leave, and Nick said he didn't know. He had a hard time thinking of appropriate responses to her questions. 'She's worth it,' Richard reassured him. But was she? And Mer hadn't even told Nick that Lucas was a Shepherd. When they finally had an argument or talked things out, Nick was amazed at the predicament she'd put him in.
He didn't know how to defend them and despised the thought of betraying his fellow citizens. Besides that, Jo, helping out in the pit, ribbed Levi for letting his newfound authority go to his head. Jules enjoyed outsmarting Blue when he requested a consult. As time passed, they became close, sharing far more about their lives and histories than is typical for a one-night affair.


Greys Anatomy Thunderstruck Review
Maggie had planned to avoid Winston and any talk about his shifting specializations, but Winston came up to Mer's to assist her pack for her sister. Yet, the choice had already been made in his mind. Specifically, he planned to enroll in the vascular surgery fellowship program at Grey Sloan. We'll never make it if we all work together. Winston remarked, "I enjoy aerobics, but I cherish you much more." Maggie was dissatisfied with this response. She was uncertain as to whether or not she respected it. While Winston was taking that hit, lightning struck the home.
After a short time, Bailey got a phone from Ben, and Richard walked in on Nick and Mer operating on Tessa to inform Grey that there was a fire at her house. She left the house and returned to find it in flames, but her children were safe. At day’s end, Jo, Bailey, and Carina were finally able to open the clinic (named for Miranda’s late mom, Elena). Simone reassured Lucas in the changing room that Tessa would be OK. But all he could think about was punishing himself for his error in the operating room. While they were arguing, he made a spontaneous move to kiss her, but she resisted. Um, why? It becomes more and more perplexing. While visiting Mer's house, the Post-It notes with the couple's wedding vows were miraculously spared from the flames.
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