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  1. #1. Who Did Eden Call In Manifest?
  2. #2. Is Eden Now Taking The Place of Cal?

Who Did Eden Call In Manifest? Comprehensive Explanation

Wondering who did Eden call in Manifest? Here we go! Eden has Callings in Manifest, even though she was not a passenger on Flight 828. It was revealed in the first episode of the fourth season of Manifest that Ben and Grace's youngest daughter will receive her Callings in some mysterious way. One of the many mysteries that the program leaves unsolved is how she can receive them without being affected by the strange phenomena that were responsible for the disappearance of Flight 828.

Manifest has refrained from presenting a comprehensive explanation for the connection between Eden and the Callings, but they have dropped hints about the answer. During their conversation, Cal and Olive debated the topic when Olive observed that another method must be used to acquire the Callings. In other words, their concept of where the Callings originate was, at the very least, somewhat flawed.

Manifest's divine consciousness does not necessarily need to lure a person into "the glow" to bestow the Callings onto them. Because Eden did not vanish in the same way that the passengers on Flight 828, Zeke, Al-Zuras, and his crew, and all of the other people involved in the earlier incidents did, there has to be a second method for retrieving them. Is There Going To Be A Season 5 Of Manifest?

#1. Who Did Eden Call In Manifest?

Who Did Eden Call In Manifest Source: Manifest a result of the events that took place in the first half of Manifest season 4, the passengers now have a solid understanding of what the Callings are and where they originate. It would appear that these recollections are signals that they got from the heavenly awareness that was on board Flight 828. As a result, the backstory of Eden's Callings will play a significant role in the conclusion of Manifest season 4. Why Is Eagan In Jail?

The fact that she is the daughter of a passenger on Flight 828 raises the possibility that this is a factor; yet, the notion that the Callings are inherited genetically is not the most plausible explanation. Instead, it seems the heavenly mind simply bestowed upon her several Callings without actually erasing her from existence. There's a good chance that the show's ultimate goal is connected to the divine consciousness's use of Eden.

It is presumed that the passengers will use her Callings to assist them in stopping the Death Date and preventing the world's end. As for why she receives Callings while the others do not, it's possible that certain information was withheld from the passengers while they were inside the divine consciousness. As a result, the divine consciousness has since chosen Eden to serve as a second source of information because of this.

#2. Is Eden Now Taking The Place of Cal?

Who Did Eden Call In Manifest

In the opening episode of the fourth season of Manifest, Eden can assist the passengers in a manner reminiscent of Cal's involvement in the show's first three seasons. Since Cal's chronological age has been advanced by several years, the Callings he receives make no more sense than the communications that any of the other adult passengers on the program get. When he was a boy, his comprehension of the Callings was murky. Here is the comprehensive recap of season 3.

Still, he translated them into drawings that revealed enlightening information regarding the destinations Ben, Saanvi, and Michaela intended to see. The fact that Ben noticed Eden typing out the word "ALNI" and used that information to locate Marko was symptomatic of how Eden has effectively become Manifest's new Cal. 
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