12 Hidden Film Details That Only The Most Attentive Viewers Notice

A movie that we watch for more or less two hours was made by hundreds of individuals over the course of hundreds of hours.
Film aficionados might not see all the tiny elements on first viewing, but that doesn't mean they aren't there. When closely examined, several fascinating aspects are revealed, including hidden family members, animator-added references, and foreign words with hidden meanings.
Numerous famous movies, like Titanic and Goodfellas, feature little details. Fans like spotting these unique features in a scene, whether they are simple nuances or challenging Easter eggs.
These little features might take many different shapes. Sometimes they're just amusing details that give the movie additional substance. Sometimes they're little tributes to other films or people who are involved in the business. While it might be clever to notice these nuances on TV, some viewers have an eye for seeing even the smallest details. We’ve culled these hidden flm details that only the most attentive viewers notice for you to enjoy, which might range from amusing minutiae to references to other movies.

#1 Avatar

Hidden Film DetailsSource: © Avatar / Twentieth Century Fox

There's a reason Dr. Grace's avatar is dressed in a shirt that reads Stanford. This character's actor, Sigourney Weaver, attended Stanford University. Consequently, it is a tribute to the actress's career.

#2 It Chapter Two

It Chapter TwoSource: © It Chapter Two / New Line Cinema© The Shining / Warner Bros.

Pay close attention to the skateboard's back; it has a design on it that we are all acquainted with from the film The Shining. The rationale behind this action is easy to deduce. Based on novels by Stephen King, both films.

#3 Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Harry Potter and the Chamber of SecretsSource: © Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets / Warner Bros.

Have you ever wondered how Ginny obtained Tom Riddle's diary? The scene where the Malfoy family first encounters the main protagonists in the bookstore provides the key to the solution. Ginny's cauldron contains a textbook, which Lucius Malfoy removes, criticizes, and then replaces. However, he really placed two books there rather than just one, and nobody noticed.

#4 Titanic

TitanicSource: © Titanic / Paramount

Have you ever questioned Ginny's source for Tom Riddle's diary? Look attentively at the moment when the Malfoy family first encounters the main protagonists in the bookstore to get the answer. Ginny's cauldron contains a textbook that Lucius Malfoy takes, criticizes for its appearance, and then returns. But nobody noticed that he had put two books in there rather than just one.

#5 Goodfellas

GoodfellasSource: © Goodfellas / Warner Bros.

Robert De Niro is seen counting actual money in this clip. The prop master handed the actor his own money since the actor didn't like the way phony money felt in his hands. No one was permitted to leave the set until all the money had been returned and tallied as a safety precaution.

#6 Inception

InceptionSource: © Inception / Warner Bros.

Ariadne was the name of the girl who guided the movie actors through the maze of dreams and brought them back to reality. The name was inspired by the Greek mythological figure of the same name. Ariadne is initially depicted in the film as wearing unassuming gray clothing in the outside world and scarlet clothing in her dreams. This could be a reference to the crimson thread that Ariadne gave to Theseus to assist him to escape the Minotaur's maze.

#7 Twilight

Hidden Film DetailsSource: © Twilight / Summit Entertainment

Bella has a boyish style at the beginning of the film and dons baggy coats and blouses. However, Bella starts dressing more femininely after she starts to fall for Edward. The notion to depict the character growth in this manner came from the outfit designers.

#8 Another fascinating fact in Twilight

Another fascinating fact in TwilightSource: © Twilight / Summit Entertainment

There is also another fascinating fact. This scene involves Edward holding an apple in his hands. The decision to include this reference to the Twilight book cover was made by the filmmakers.

#9 Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

hidden flm detailsSource: © The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe / Walt Disney Pictures, © The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe / Walt Disney Pictures

The White Witch's ice crown is particularly large and features long, pointed icicles toward the beginning of the film. But as the movie draws to a conclusion, her emblem of authority starts to melt and shrink. Perhaps the filmmakers sought to demonstrate how the queen's influence was waning.

#10 Captain America: Civil War

hidden flm detailsSource: © Captain America: Civil War / Marvel Studios

Those who follow the exploits of the Marvel Cinematic Universe heroes are aware that vibranium, the material used to make Captain America's shield, is almost unbreakable. However, following the battle with Black Panther, the shield has large scratches that are visible when we see it up close. There is an easy explanation, that's because Black Panther has vibranium weapons that may harm a shield constructed of the same substance.

#11 No Time to Die

hidden flm detailsSource: © No Time to Die / Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

Coca-Cola was all over the streets of the Italian town where James Bond and his fans raced. In order to make cobblestone roadways less slick, this was done. Coca-Cola was sprayed over the streets in an effort that cost around $70,000 and used 8,400 liters. In contrast to the $250 million movie budget, this was a pittance.

#12 La La Land

hidden flm detailsSource: © La La Land / Summit Entertainment

The movie's opening sequence, which features the well-known dance in the middle of traffic congestion, was filmed over the course of 48 Hours in the sweltering heat. However, the performers had to practice for at least six hours. In order to yell orders to the dancers, dance choreographer Mandy Moore even had to hide beneath one of the automobiles. To avoid the choreographer being captured on the above camera, this was done.
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