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  1. #1. Does Ben Get Eden Back In Manifest?

Does Ben Get Eden Back In Manifest? How Did Ben Find Eden?

Wondering does Ben get Eden back in Manifest? Here we go! It would be an understatement to say that fans were dismayed by NBC's decision to pull the plug on Manifest after the conclusion of its third season. The audience was aching for a resolution and willing to settle for any number of episodes or answers. The good news is that Netflix responded to the demand, and now it has a brand new home on streaming.

The story of passengers and crew members of a commercial airliner returning to their families after they were considered dead many years earlier is told in the American supernatural drama that was created by Jeff Rake and made its premiere in 2018. The show tells the story of their return in 2018.

#1. Does Ben Get Eden Back In Manifest?

Does Ben Get Eden Back In Manifest Source: Manifest

With the premiere of the first episode of season 4 on November 4th, 2022, the streaming service has finally presented fans with the chance to catch up with the people whose lives were changed by Flight 828. The return brings with it the certainty of some fresh inquiries for us to address. Do they come across Eden while exploring Manifest? Also here is the potential release date of part 2.

Where Is Eden Located

Does Ben Get Eden Back In Manifest

Eden is located by Ben near the end of the most recent season of Manifest, which takes place after Angelina is responsible for her kidnapping. He embarks on a quest to locate her, but Angelina ambushes him and holds him captive until she can free her. Eden makes her way down to the basement to find Ben while he is held captive there, but her captor is determined to manipulate her by telling her that Ben is a nasty person.

To our good fortune, there is still a silver life. A series of clues leads Drea to conclude that Ben is being held captive in Adrian's boarding house. Subsequently, we find out that Angelina intends to detonate several explosives in response to Erika's purchase of a significant quantity of fertilizer. Why Did Grace Leave Manifest?


Ben is saved by Michaela, Jared, and Zeke, and he is finally able to reconcile with Eden; this is the moment that both Ben and the viewers have been waiting for. This occurs while Cal is attempting to dissuade Angelina from pursuing her plan. On the other hand, Angelina pulls the pin on the bomb's detonator, which destroys the house, even though Cal survived the trauma.

If Netflix hadn't stepped in to preserve the program, it's safe to say that we probably wouldn't have had this resolution with Ben and Eden. According to Netflix, the series had a new lease on life once it was included, as it remained on their Top 10 English language TV list for weeks and garnered more than 100 million hours of viewing throughout the globe in July 2021.

Josh Dallas, who plays Ben Stone, shared his thoughts while speaking with Netflix about the show. "We found this huge new audience," he said. "It just started to swell, and it will continue to surge throughout the coming days, weeks, and months. It was a pretty reassuring experience overall." 
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