24 Photos Where No One Knows What’s Going On

Life is unpredictable, and there are just so many things out here that are beyond our imagination. But thanks to the internet, we can now see all the photos of extraordinary things. From people carrying weird "pets" to people wearing bizarre costumes, these pics are both strange and intriguing, making us unable to take our eyes off them. In addition to being "a treat" for your eyes, these confusing photos are good exercises for your brain! So keep your brain working by checking them out.
Here we have collected 24 photos that make you laugh and then wonder, "What's going on in here?" Buckle up and get ready to dive in because we're sure this will be a hell of a ride. Enjoy!

#1. Difficult decisions:

Source: piximus

#2. "It's just an accessory," he said.

Source: Twitter

#3. The moment when you realize...

Source: piximus

#4. "Yea, you know, driving doesn't require hands, or... a brain."

Source: piximus

#5. Walking in Montreal and... those are real people up there:

Source: Imgur

#6. Serious question… does the RealDoll have to pay zoo admission?

Source: Tosh.0

#7. But why??

Source: piximus

#8. And it will only cost you, like, $2,000 or something.

Source: helloyuna

#9. When he says he takes hide and seek seriously:

Source: piximus

#10. Huh?

Source: piximus

#11. Priorities.

Source: Evaleenora

#12. Now that's a weird pet.

Source: Reddit

#13. What's he trying to archive here?

Source: piximus

#14. This looks like a great idea.

Source: Reddit

#15. Uh...

Source: piximus

#16. "Okay, let's try one more time Ivan"

Source: Slavorum-official

#17. This parking job:

Source: Twitter

And this:

Source: Twitter

Just how???

#18. "You're accused of yelling loudly at 5 AM..."

Source: meme-arsenal

#19. Shot on iPhone.

Source: ClubPhotos_

#20. Is that duct tape???

Source: goshak

#21. What even is this activity?

Source: Scaulbylausis

#22. Who's gonna tell him?

Source: FBI_Agent_03

#23. I have so many questions.

Source: piximus

#24. This person is really prepared for any situation, huh?

Source: ijandro

Which of these shots seems the weirdest to you? Have you ever witnessed anything mind-boggling before? Share your impressions and photos in the comments section below!
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