40+ Confusing Photos You Have To Look At TWICE To UNDERSTAND

Have you come across a tree that resembles an animal? Or have you ever seen a photo of someone with more limbs than usual? Indeed those images can startle us for a moment, but we all know they are created by taking the right shot at the right time and angle. Even though it's entertaining and fascinating to look at these pictures, it takes several looks before we truly understand what is happening.
So get ready to be bewildered by some of the most confusing photos we've gathered on the Internet. At first, we bet these photos will make you scratch your head in confusion, but once you realize what they are about, you will find them hilarious. Don't believe us? Let's scroll down and check them out now!

1. Little man standing on the bin

Source: solidfox535

Little man is offending my eyeballs and hurting my brain.

2. This tree looks like a dragon

Source: seiteta

Maybe if you dig the rest of him out, you'll get three wishes!

3. This boiled egg that exploded while cooking and looks like a snail

Source: monkeyman9608


4. Almost like you could slip right through the stairs into another world

Source: wereallmadhere9

Trippy, trippy.

5. Where did the bottom part of the cat go?

Source: Unknown

The cat looks like he's made out of a head and just one massive arm.

6. Texting and driving

Source: jhwilliams7

oh not the rescue car.

7. Don't distract the dog while he's gaming!

Source: Mouthmouthmouth

Gamer boii

8. A tree trying to pull its rival off the ground

Source: jailpie

"I am Groot."

9. Wait, what... Oh, right

Source: keenan316

Even her toes are getting a stretch.

10. Brave man

Source: Endless_Vanity

Took me a minute to realize I should rotate the pic

11. UK Prime Minister David Cameron hovering

Source: xenmate

He's actually flapping his hands really fast like a hummingbird, that's how he does this.

12. "Wife said she left the iPad in the car and I've been looking for it for a good half hour"

Source: insoh2

Do you see the iPad, reader?

13. Hmm

Source: blulalala

What kind of dog is this?

14. The perspective makes this dog look like a big monster

Source: jstrydor

But that would be awesome if there were dogs that big.

15. A cat with a hat

Source: MangoShakess

Well there's "Little Cat A," now we need Little Cats B and C.

16. I swear there are four of us

Source: BalrogBunghole

Now that's what I call camo.

17. So slimming!

Source: pixeldustnz

She looks like a Mii

18. This grapefruit must have a really great dentist

Source: Unknown

You can unsee it now LOL.

19. Flying half man

Source: renke0

Look closely, reader.

20. "Had to look at this twice before I realized the cat wasn't actually cooking"

Source: henriksen1

21. Roasted sliced sausages anyone?

Source: mrhansenable

It is actually roasted purple potatoes, surprise!

22. Just two raccoons and a flying rock

Source: outroversion

No, this rock is actually in the water

23. The boat is not floating

Source: tek0011

Looks like a GTA cheat has been activated

24. What do you see? A duck or a banana?

Source: DrRage2525

Unpeeled Banana duck.

25. Kissing the dragon on the nose

Source: greatcanine

You can come and check it out at Skinny Dip Falls Trail, Mile Marker 417, the Blue Ridge Parkway too.

26. Double-ended cat

Source: Unknown

Cat cat

27. Confusing, huh?

Source: Jrscolwell

A literal watchdog

28. The snow on top of this mountain looks like a lizard

Source: Unknown

Vah Rudania?

29. This bedsheet looks like some mice running on the bed

Source: pagodelucia123

Also, it looks like sperm racing to the egg LOL.


Source: digbick41

"I'm watching you, Wazowski. Always watching"

31. This cutie posing with a bag of popcorn

Source: shellybean23

For a second I thought she had some kind of chicken legs disease.

32. "It looks like a mockup or a giant, but it's just me on the second floor of the college."

Source: joalllucas

"What is this? A school for ants?"

33. "My daughter, where's the rest of her?! Ohh I see, do you?"

Source: MK24ever

She is behind a wall y'all.

34. Three-legged girl

Source: hazysummersky

She's holding a vase.

35. Beach levitation

Source: Malocchi

That is a hat.

36. 3-handed lady

Source: JuneBugMain

The mirror faces the girl on the left. Her legs and hand are in the mirror.

37. Headstand

Source: ob520

Never skip neck day

38. A soccer ball in disguise

Source: cozyhighway

Guess it wasn’t happy when you tried to kick it. (just kidding)

39. These guys are not holding hands

Source: Trohk

neither are they guarding the lady's crotch.

40. Nice legs

Source: EndersGame_Reviewer

It is a mirror, folks!

41. Man with curly hair about to dive into the water. Oh wait...

Source: danish-pastry


42. He's just on top of the closet

Source: YassarZ

Still so cute

43. My sister's hand "passing through" my cat's body

Source: Francis__99

Her hand is on the right side of the cat with the cat's arm over it. The cat is so fluffy that the hands sink into the fur.

44. Floating bin

Source: seyfaro

"People need to be more responsible. You can't just go around throwing away your anti-matter in any old bin. Recycle that stuff!"

45. Never skip arm day

Source: Gabesdefig

With the arm and that face, he looks sassy!

46. The hills of San Francisco

Source: Unknown

The only place I’ve ever caught air going 15mph.

47. Fooled me

Source: T_H_I_C_C_boi64

It is the white cap of the pole, not the cat's mouth.

48. Girl scratches her back and it looks like a horror movie:

Source: sn0rk95

Just Wednesday Addams and Thing

49. A leg with no upper body spotted in subway

Source: wowsuchwows

The way the pink jacket is draped over the leg makes it look like a skirt, and then the fact that it’s not a skirt makes it look like it disappears into nothingness. If the jacket weren’t there it would look completely ordinary.

50. Just a guy wearing a hoodie

Source: zaferemre

It's his head laying to the side, not a collar.

51. This cow has no body

Source: sozazac

Hope it finds "some body" LOL

52. Took a sec

Source: Master1718

Hide the middle of the picture with your hand and you have a Fitness magazine cover.

Which photo confuses you the most? Let us know in the comments below!
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