20 Crappy Designs That Are So Awful They Make You Cringe

Creativity is very important in design. The reason is quite simple. Only products that have impressive designs can draw the attention of customers. However, some designers take creativity way too far. As a result, their products are nothing more than crappy designs that can make people who see them cringe.
There is a thin line between designs that are jaw-droppingly inventive and ones that are absolutely horrible. A lot of designers on the list that we have compiled below have a strong tendency to err on the side of the latter. Their designs are so bad that you will never use them in the future. Scroll down to check them out for yourselves. If you have spotted something weird on the street or in your workplace, don't hesitate to share them with us in the comments.
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#1. This bicycle path in Hungary

Source: Pteti

#2. Prevent your kid from being afraid of the dark

Source: Brilliant999

#3. This mug I made for my dad when I was 8

Source: SenorElenor

#4. The reduce volume button...

Source: Bames_Jond_007

#5. Gas station in Nebraska. The station's color scheme was red. They tried to get artsy

Crappy DesignsSource: aspiecat7

#6. This Spiderman children's ride has a visible panty line

Crappy DesignsSource: butterstubble

#7. Thats not where teeth go

Crappy DesignsSource: Delicious-Trade

#8. Turn me on yourself

Crappy DesignsSource: SystemOfaPawn

#9. These restoom tiles

Crappy DesignsSource: edvind

#10. Spiderman’s Web Kleenex

Crappy DesignsSource: realgrandpa

#11. I saw this on Facebook, but I must share it with you

Crappy DesignsSource: yoziphek

#12. What in God’s name is this???

Crappy DesignsSource: Blazedestroyer

#13. Never realize the center of a spider wed looks like a B hole

Crappy DesignsSource: lucisferis

#14. I think she should go to the hospital instead of booking a flight...

Crappy DesignsSource: [deleted]

#15. Hard hats are for safety

Crappy DesignsSource: [deleted]

#16. Stumbled across this statue

Source: [deleted]

#17. It’s not even angled or anything to guide the drainage. It just dribbles onto the floor

Source: Warshok

#18. Foll is my favorite season

Source: martrocks

#19. A life-changing experience

Source: froopy_doo

#20. Know the facts I have beautiful teeth too

Source: mosti_shosho

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