28 Crappy Fashion Designs That We Can't Digest

Have you ever tried to hide your head under the ground because of choosing the wrong clothes? Don't worry. Many people out there, even famous artists, stylists, or luxury brands, have experienced such embarrassing situations. Their fashion choices were even worse than yours. Today we are going to share with you the crappy fashion designs people have stumbled upon.
One of the favorite corners on Reddit is the r/CrappyDesign subreddit. Over 3.1 million subscribers of this group dedicate their time to sharing crappy fashion designs they ever spotted. From questionable patterns to unlucky placement, they are so terrible and hilarious that they have to share them with other people online. Then, we can laugh together. Now, scroll down to check out 28 examples of embarrassing clothing disasters we have collected. You will laugh so hard till your belly hurts.

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#1. This shirt you can't wear anything over this unless you want to look like you have permanent pokey nipples

Source: ConfusedGirlfriend

#2. Fashion is evolving

Source: girolski07

#3. The pattern placement on this dress

Source: some-weird-girl

#4. His shirt was meant to say ‘dope’ but now I only see ‘pedo’

Source: CursivePallet

#5. This "Muddy Waters" Poop dress I found on depop

Crappy Fashion DesignsSource: RabiesPositive

#6. Looks like a little person in that dress

Crappy Fashion DesignsSource: MeisterEder

#7. 168$ for this jeans

Crappy Fashion DesignsSource: chrzzl

#8. This dress

Crappy Fashion DesignsSource: ArialCCAA

#9. This jumpsuit I bought from, and promptly returned to Walmart

Source: nastynagito

#10. Colleen Ballinger's dress

Source: retrowavve

#11. The location of the pattern on this dress

Source: con5id3rati0n

#12. Balenciaga's new $5000 dress

Source: Zussow15

#13. These shorts/dress/top, thing

Source: dontf*ckthat

#14. Exactly what I want on my shirt: someone else wearing a similar shirt

Source: LoneW0lf77

#15. Imagine having to wear this for your job

Source: sovietmetalhead

#16. This flower print dress

Source: 666

#17. I present the dress that comes out of your butt

Source: SpaceGerbal

#18. If the chair in your room was an actual person

Source: Miroto8

#19. New species of Dinosaur

Source: DarthTheDaddy

#20. This blouse

Crappy Fashion DesignsSource: membershipreward

#21. Got this new hoodie and everybody has asked me why I am wet and I have to tell them it's just the design of the hoodie...

Crappy Fashion DesignsSource: sirSosig

#22. For that, dipped in mud look

Crappy Fashion Designs That Are UnbelievableSource: ImRussell

#23. My friend's watermelon pants arrived today

Crappy Fashion DesignsSource: [deleted]

#24. The leaning tower on these yoga pants

Terrible Fashion DesignsSource: Caesar100

#25. Much like your flamingo pants, this bikini also has a vagina

Ugly Fashion DesignsSource: JHenryXIII

#26. Some would call this fashion. I call it a crappy design

Crappy Fashion DesignsSource: TobeyDE

#27. What I'd like to know: what was she trying to buy??!

Crappy Fashion DesignsSource: eeanneli

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