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  1. #1. Why Gerard Piqué wears Shakira Jersey in Barcelona?
  2. #2. Gerard And Shakira Relationship

Gerard Piqué Wears Shakira Jersey In Barcelona

Curious why Gerard Piqué wears Shakira Jersey in Barcelona? Here we go! There is now one more item for Gerard Piqué to be concerned about. It's possible that the Barcelona player will have to play with his former partner's name on his jersey.
Fans of the sport of soccer noticed a new addition to its uniform Barcelona. The squad, which is currently sponsored by Spotify, had the name "Drake" printed on its shirts last Sunday for one of their most important matches versus Real Madrid. Marca reports that Shakira is getting very close to finalizing a deal with Spotify, which would make the event in question a distinct possibility. If you want to catch up with more Entertainment news, access these best websites.

#1. Why Gerard Piqué wears Shakira Jersey in Barcelona?

Gerard Piqué Wears Shakira Jersey
Shakira has been involved in a wide variety of activities over the course of the last few months, including the finalization of her divorce, legal issues brought against the Spanish government, and the release of her newest record. "Monotonia" is the name of her newest single, and Ozuna is featured on it. Fans are speculating that the song will have a lot to say about Piqué and that they will likely analyze it in great detail because of this expectation. Here is the list of the hottest women soccer players. Check it out!
At the beginning of this year, Piqué and Shakira shared the news that they were no longer together. Shortly after that, Piqué was seen out and about with his new girlfriend, Clara Chia, who works for the same company as he does. Despite the fact that he has not addressed the relationship with the media, it has been reported on multiple occasions that the two are seen together.
In the instance of Shakira, she has discussed her breakup with Pique and described this time in her life as one of the most difficult. This was not only because she was being divorced but also because her father's health was deteriorating at the same time. Check out where Shakira is on the list of the hottest female celebrities.

#2. Gerard And Shakira Relationship

Gerard Piqué Wears Shakira Jersey Source: Getty Images
During an interview with Elle, she discussed Piqué and revealed that she had sacrificed a significant portion of herself for the sake of their relationship. "As a soccer player, he wanted to play football and win titles, and it was my responsibility to encourage him in this endeavor. "I mean, in order for this to work, one of us was going to have to give up something, right?" she asked. "And I did it. I put my professional goals on hold and moved to Spain to be with him so that he could pursue his dream of playing professional football and winning titles. And it was a selfless act motivated by love." You may also have an interest in the relationship between Billie Eilish & Jesse Rutherford.
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