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  1. #1. They Were Caught Hanging Out Together. Is Billie Eilish Dating?
  2. #2. Billie Eilish And Jesse Rutherford Relationship: Is Billie Eilish Dating?

Billie Eilish And Jesse Rutherford Relationship: Is Billie Eilish Dating?

Curious about the relationship between Billie Eilish and Jesse Rutherford? Below is the comprehensive information you need! According to a video that was obtained by TMZ, the 20-year-old singer was seen attending Halloween Horror Nights in Los Angeles on Friday night with the singer of The Neighbourhood, Jesse Rutherford. The event took place on Friday. If you want to catch up with more Entertainment news, access these best websites.

#1. They Were Caught Hanging Out Together. Is Billie Eilish Dating?

At one point, while the two were making their way out of a spooky maze, they were walking away with a group following closely behind them while holding hands. You may check out the particular instance down below:
Even though Jesse and Billie's faces are not visible in the video, images that were uploaded to social media on Friday by the Bad Guy musician and her brother Finneas show that the two of them went out wearing the same outfits as they do in the film. Take a look at the screenshots below:
jesse rutherford billie eilish Source: Instagram
It is unknown when this claimed romance may have begun, but TMZ mentioned that there are photographs of the duo hanging together as far back as August. Despite this, Billie and Jesse did seem to be very cozy with one another at the event, and the people who frequent Twitter aren't too happy about it. Why is it the case? Given that Jesse is currently 31 years old, it has come to light that her new boyfriend is eleven years older than her.
Others on social media were weirded out by the fact that there is such a large age gap between Billie and her boyfriend, especially because they have known each other since Billie was a teenager and had been friends for so long. You may also have an interest in the information about the World Tour 2023 ofTaylor Swift.

#2. Billie Eilish And Jesse Rutherford Relationship: Is Billie Eilish Dating?

Billie Eilish And Jesse Rutherford
In addition, there are pictures of Billie and Jesse together from August this year, suggesting that they may have been dating for some time. Regardless of when it was revealed, the secret is no longer hidden. Fans have a lot to say about it, much of it negative. On Thursday Football Night, what will Taylor do?
Billie is only 20, while Jesse is 11 years her senior, making the age difference a major factor in the phenomenon's rise to prominence. While it may not seem like a big concern on its own, Twitter users who believe in the truth are pointing out that Billie and Jesse have known each other for a very long time, which, in their eyes, makes the possibility of a romantic relationship between them even more problematic. More pictures of Billie and Jesse may be found from at least 2017... when Billie was about 15 years old and at what appears to be a Halloween party.

They Were Caught Being Together Several Times

Is Billie Eilish Dating?
The point is that many people are feeling uncomfortable knowing that Jesse knew Billie when she was a minor and is now allegedly hooking up with her as an adult. Many people have voiced their disgust at the couple's decision, but the fact remains that they are adults and free to do as they like. Since her meteoric rise to fame, Billie has been linked to a handful of men, but she has never publicly welcomed any of them. She has stated that she prefers to keep her personal life (including her SOs) under wraps due to the resulting media frenzy.
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