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  1. William And Zachary Zulock Pimped Their Adopted Sons Out To Grown Men
  2. Zachary And William Zulock: Internet's Comment On The Accusations

William And Zachary Zulock Arrested For Abusing And Pimping Out Adopted Sons

On July 27, 2022, a gay pair named William and Zachary Zulock, residing in Atlanta, underwent arrest in Oxford, a well-to-do locality neighboring Atlanta, Georgia for accusations of mistreatment and trafficking of their adopted children. Zachary Zulock and his husband William Zulock were regulars in the LGBT community in Georgia. 

Suspicions come in after people found out about their abnormal wealth. Although Zachary was a banker and William was a customer service agent, they were making a whopping $7,500/week.

According to the court documents and following investigation, they were even found to commit even more heinous acts: Apart from sexually assaulting the boys - they also offered their own adopted sons for grown men to make money.


William And Zachary Zulock Pimped Their Adopted Sons Out To Grown Men

William And Zachary Zulock Source: Google Image

Involving this case, two other grown adults were also arrested. Hunter Clay Lawless, aged 27, and Luis Armando Vizcarro-Sanchez, aged 25, were arrested due to allegations of accepting child prostitution in August, but their identities remained protected until a couple of months later.

They are still investigating if these two men attempted or participated in any sexual act with Zachary and William’s children. According to the police Zachary Zulock used to invite Hunter over to his home. The two met on Grindr, an app for the gay community. 

Hunter, not a very lawful man, was found red-handed to have accessed illegal children's content on the internet, evidenced by his Gmail. More specifically, the content was sent by Zachary Zulock. Hunter still kept that content on his device at the time of the arrest.

Even more terrible, the investigators found out that Zachary Zulock contacted Hunter via Snapchat to brag that he would sexually harass his son that night and might send a video about it.


Attempt To Sell Their Boys Out For Prostitution?

Earlier, Zachary Zulock boasted about his “hard-earned” income which he claimed to have received from the government for raising 2 kids. At the time of the incidents, the victims were believed to be a couple of siblings, a fourth grader and a third grader.

According to the indictment, the boys, aged 8-9 at last year’s arrest, were sexually assaulted by both Zachary Zulock and William Zulock. Allegations involving heinous acts such as forcing them to perform fellatio and anal intercourse. People are even more creeped out that they violently assaulted the boys to the point one of them was badly injured.

Furthermore, the Zulocks' heinous crimes against the boys could even have started as early as 2019. Prior to the incident, two boys were adopted in November 2018.

Zach Zulock also admitted to the police that he distributed the illegal, explicit content involving himself and two adopted sons to no more than a dozen people. Hunter Clay Lawless was believed to be among one of these people.

Child Prostitution Source: Google Image

Lawless denied any questions about his potential engagements with the boys, saying he was only invited to Zulock’s Atlanta house.

Among the materials compiled by law enforcement as evidence are 149 images, a text message sent by Lawless, Snapchat messages, and findings obtained from medical assessments conducted on the children, as detailed in court records.

It’s not proven that either Lawless or Luis Armando Vizcarro-Sanchez made any contact with the boys other than consuming and storing illegal content. Lawless was shockingly released after he managed to bail out with $25,000

Both of the Zulocks are confronting the possibility of life imprisonment and have been placed in separate facilities, awaiting their upcoming court. Neither of them has submitted a plea thus far, although records from the police suggest that they admitted to certain crimes.

According to recent news, William Zulock and Zachary Zulock will also have to testify against each other despite being a married couple. 


Zachary And William Zulock: Internet's Comment On The Accusations

Zachary Zulock and William Zulock were arrested on July 27 in Oxford, Georgia Source: Walton County Sheriff's Office

People are horrified to know what the Zulocks have done to their children, with one saying: “This is absolutely horrifying and I can't even begin to imagine what these poor children endured. I hope that the Zulocks live very long lives and experience a similar torture every single day.”

Another claimed the couple’s act is pure evil, as quoted: “This is so horrific I can't even put into words my thoughts on them. Evil. Pure evil.”

Other people are hoping the couple will die in prison and have to endure what they have done to the poor boys.

Zachary Zulock and William Zulock were arrested on July 27 in Oxford, Georgia, after police raided their home and found video evidence that they were "engaging in sexually abusive acts" with the adopted children (Via Walton County Sheriff's Office)

Zachary Zulock’s case is one of the most disturbing child abuse incidents in Atlanta, Georgia. People are hoping that they will have to pay full price for their crimes, as what they did to the adopted sons is unimaginably horrid.

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