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  1. Details On Sol Xochitl
  2. How Did Sol Xochitl And Mike Tyson Met?
  3. What Happened When They Were Dating?
  4. Children Of Sol Xochitl And Mike Tyson
  5. Sol Xochitl After Her Daughter’s Death
  6. What Led To Sol Xochitl's Disappearance?
  7. Where Is Sol Xochitl Now?
  8. Conclusion

Sol Xochitl - Mike Tyson’s Ex-Girlfriend: Life After Her Daughter's Death

Sol Xochitl is one of the numerous partners of the legendary American boxer Mike Tyson. Although Mike's notorious relationships have attracted media attention throughout the years, not many articles have mentioned his ex-wife, Sol. 

So, who is she? Where is she now? Why isn't she mentioned anymore? Let’s read the article to find out the answers right now.


Details On Sol Xochitl

Details On Sol Xochitl Source: Google Images

Sol Xochitl was born in 1975 and her parents are Mexican. She is best-known as a celebrity ex-partner of Mike Tyson, one of the greatest heavyweight boxers of all time. He also refers to her as Shelly in his biography. 

In the early 2000s, Mike and Sol began dating each other and they shared two children: Leon Tyson and Exodus. 

Before meeting Mike, Sol worked as a professional strip dancer. She always kept her life as well as relation private and just became the talk of the town when dating the former boxer.


How Did Sol Xochitl And Mike Tyson Met?

sol xochitl mike tyson Source: Google Images

Sol and Mike first met in a strip club in Phoenix, Aiona. At that time, she was working as a dancer. They became good friends and eventually fell in love with each other. Sol tried her best to make the relationship work well. She even asked Mike’s friends some tips to make him happy.


What Happened When They Were Dating?

During the period of dating, Mike Tyson went bankrupt. He owned a total of $27 million, with $17 million to be paid to the UK tax authorities and the IRS. The remaining 10 million included personal expenses such as legal fees, house expenses and the money he owed to his ex-wife, Monica, after the divorce. 

Mike recalled that he was stressed for a long time that he lost his house and a lot of money. For those, he did not plan the fight but worked out anyway and scored well.

That was an extremely tough time for Mike but Sol always stood by him. At that time, they didn’t have enough money to eat. After all, everything was better.


Children Of Sol Xochitl And Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson children Source: Google Images

The couple shares two kids: a son named Miguel Leon Tyson and a daughter named Exodus. 

Miguel Leon was born on April 18, 2002 and now is pursuing music. Unlike his father, he has been fond of music since childhood.He often plays musical instruments such as piano and drums.

Exodus was born in March 2005. Sadly, she passed away at the age of 4. The little girl was playing on a treadmill at their home in Arizona and unfortunately tangled in a cord. Miguel found her unconscious and immediately rushed to Sol. Exodus was taken to St. Joseph’s Hospital but there was no miracle. According to some documents, Sol did everything she could to keep her daughter alive.


Sol Xochitl After Her Daughter’s Death

The death of Exodus was a huge shock in Sol’s life. After the tragedy, no one could hear her name anywhere. In the book, Undisputed Truth, Mike revealed that after Exodus passed away, she found it hard to care for her second child, Miguel.


What Led To Sol Xochitl's Disappearance?

Sol Xochitl Disappearance Source: Google Images

We guess that the main reason is the loss of her 4-year-old daughter. She must be grieving until now. After splitting up with Mike Tyson in 2009, Sol keeps her life a secret. She has not shared publicly about her life after the divorce.


Where Is Sol Xochitl Now?

We do not know exactly where Sol is now but someone says that she is living in Mexico.



We clearly see that Sol Xochitl was a loving mother and a devoted wife. We know that she's still in the process of healing from the loss of her daughter but it is believed that the grief may have slightly lightened. Now, Sol’s name has faded into obscurity but we sincerely hope she has been enjoying her peaceful life.

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