24 Worst Hairstyle Ideas You Should Avoid At All Costs

People have different ways of showing their own colors. Some choose to express themselves through their hairstyle, which we think is a good idea because that's what can be most easily seen. However, things don't always go the way they should. Sometimes, you are so excited to go to the barber but then come home with disappointments. And we are here to prove that that happens more than you think.
We have collected 24 of the worst hairstyle ideas people actually tried out and regretted so much. People might have thought these haircuts would look cool on them but they were wrong on so many levels. Scroll down for some fun! Check out our previous compilation for more terrible hairstyles!

#1. I'd rather shave all my hair

Source: Catherine Nicole McConnell

#2. Helicopter

Source: Cat Gamble

#3. There are so many questions I don't want to hear the answers

Source: Mallorie Christy

#4. I don’t think this needs an explanation

Source: Shylie Beyer

#5. Nice sunglasses

Source: Christine Simmons

#6. This new hair jewelry omg

Source: Christy Zavala

#7. Give me “the Karen”…but with a little edge…

Source: Christina Cornia

#8. Wait, what???

Source: Christy Zavala

#9. Jellyfish or something?

Source: Christy Zavala

#10. We love you Cardi B but this hairstyle...

Source: Betty Osborne

#11. Burberry hairstyle

Source: Christy Zavala

#12. QR Code to your social media account

worst hairstyle ideasSource: Christy Zavala

#13. Can't think of anything

Source: Amber Lynch

#14. He neither looks happy nor sad

Source: Jewelee Ravenholt

#15. Better shave it all

worst hairstyle ideasSource: Christy Zavala

#16. His face says everything

worst hairstyle ideasSource: Aubrey Lavenz

#17. Lol I thought that was a tropical plant behind him

Source: Briena Stacey-Miller

#18. How to save your shampoo

worst hairstyle ideasSource: Kallie White

#19. Can't be worse

worst hairstyle ideasSource: Emily Finn

#20. It does indeed look bad

worst hairstyle ideasSource: Christy Zavala

#21. Lol so many clips

Source: Christy Zavala

#22. Leopard pattern

worst hairstyle ideasSource: Catalina Gamble

#23. It might look better from the front side

worst hairstyle ideasSource: Christy Zavala

#24. A damn big NOPE

worst hairstyle ideasSource: Christy Zavala

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