20 Terrible Hairstyles Not Recommended For Anyone

Have you ever wanted to spice up your hair a little bit? Is it a kind of hairstyle that almost everyone never comes close to trying? If you have had one once, the chances are it stays with you forever as a cringeworthy moment that is stuck in your head, a dark past you want everyone to forget, and what's worse? A hilarious pic that once went viral on the Internet. Next time, think at least twice before you go to the barber and make another mistake that will haunt you for the rest of your life.
Below we selected some of the most terrible hairstyles you should never try out. Scroll down to see and laugh your head off! More bad, worse and the worst haircuts await in our previous post here.

#1. Bro got gangsta pigtails

Source: crunchymac187

#2. Would you slide your foot inside?

Source: fucked_up_hair

#3. Hope that's just a hair wig, not haircut

Terrible HairstylesSource: -blackpillbaby

#4. She put a whole bottle of Gorilla Glue in her wig

Source: sladeshied

#5. His head looks like food in one of the fancy restaraunts where they only have one tiny thing on the plate.

Source: fucked_up_hair

#6. Mirror mirror on the wall

Source: ssigea

#7. When he turns his head, his hair looks like Mickey Mouse

Source: fucked_up_hair

#8. Anime moment

Terrible HairstylesSource: oljolly

#9. "Worst 'fade' I've ever seen"

Source: Financial_Face_4772

#10. Full Scorpion

Source: BagelsRTheHoleTruth

#11. His hair looks like it's about to fall off

Terrible HairstylesSource: fucked_up_hair

#12. When the club lights come on

Terrible HairstylesSource: Amon_998

#13. No hair? No problem!

Source: harvysan

#14. Fresh cut spotted on BBC Sunday morning

Source: Nenies3110

#15. Just shave it off completely

Terrible HairstylesSource: fucked_up_hair

#16. Bros hair looks AI generated

Terrible HairstylesSource: fucked_up_hair

#17. "Just rave my sh*t up"

Terrible HairstylesSource: hamilc19

#18. What in the Doo Wop Jap-Elvis is that?

Source: centralSnorter207

#19. Bed hair, bad hair or bat (nest) hair?

Terrible HairstylesSource: korpall

#20. "This ad I saw on youtube made me choke on my water"

Terrible HairstylesSource: sad_caffeine

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