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  1. The Wishing Star Concept
  2. All Disney Characters In Wish’s Post-Credit Scene
  3. Valentino Is The Founder Of Zootopia
  4. Asha Is Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother
  5. Star Is The Reason Why Some Disney Animals Can Speak
  6. Magnifico Inspires Other Disney Villains
  7. The World Of Neverland And Wish May Be Connected

Wish Just Sets Up A Disney Multiverse, And Here Are All The Proofs

One of the best aspects of Disney movies is that they always feature some kind of homage to previous installments, and Wish isn’t an exception. In fact, the House of Mouse has something even bigger in store for Wish, as it’s the movie to celebrate Disney’s 100th anniversary.
Of course, the entire movie is filled to the brim with old Disney references, but some of these even directly set up the events in other Disney titles. This makes us wonder, is Disney aiming for a huge Disney multiverse? This seems like an ambitious feat considering how many titles the House of Mouse already has, but after watching the movie, you may believe that this is the case.

#1. The Wishing Star Concept

The Wishing Star Concept Source: Disney
Let’s start with the elephant in the house, the Wishing Star. In the post-credit scene, fans are on their feet to see Sabino play one of the most iconic Disney songs ever, “When You Wish Upon A Star” using his lute. Originally played in Pinocchio, “When You Wish Upon A Star” becomes so popular that it inadvertently turns into a Disney theme song in general.
Besides, Wish also confirms that the movie is the origin of the Wishing Star concept. The Wishing Star has been featured in multiple Disney titles other than Pinocchio, such as The Lion King, Peter Pan, and The Princess and the Frog. Therefore, we can deduce that Wish is also the prequel to the entire Disney Universe.

#2. All Disney Characters In Wish’s Post-Credit Scene

All Disney Characters In Wish’s Post-Credit Scene Source: Disney
Wish’s post-credit sequence features some spectacular references, as it nods toward many iconic Disney classics from the past chronologically. We can see the celestial outlines of almost every iconic Disney character, such as Snow White, Peter Pan, to the more modern ones like Elsa and Mirabel. 
This mesmerizing scene further ensures that all the Disney titles that appear in it are parts of the same universe, and they all happen after the events in Wish.

#3. Valentino Is The Founder Of Zootopia

Valentino Is The Founder Of Zootopia Source: Disney
Almost every Disney entry has an adorable mascot to help uplift the story, and in Wish’s case, it’s Asha’s sentient goat, Valentino. At the end of the movie, it’s revealed that Valentino’s wish is to create a utopia for every animal in the world, where they’re all equal and wear/act like human beings. 
Sounds familiar? That’s exactly the concept of Zootopia, the animal dreamland with Judy and Nick in it. Therefore, fans believe that Valentino’s wish will come true, and he’ll be the founder of Zootopia which we all know and love.

#4. Asha Is Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother

Asha Is Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother Source: Disney
Do you find this outfit awfully familiar? Then you are right. This garb Asha is wearing is like a carbon copy of the Fairy Godmother’s outfit in Cinderella. And that’s not all. Upon the end of the movie, as Asha releases everyone’s wishes from Magnifico’s grab, Star bestows her a magic wand as a gift, just like the one that the Fairy Godmother has. 
The protagonist is also hailed as Rosas’ Fairy Godmother by all of her friends. Maybe after freeing Rosas, Asha will travel the world to study magic and eventually meet Cinderella when she’s old?

#5. Star Is The Reason Why Some Disney Animals Can Speak

Star Is The Reason Why Some Disney Animals Can Speak Source: Disney
In Disney movies, animals are incredibly intelligent and understanding, and several of them can speak like humans as well. This happens in animated films such as The Princess and the Frog, The Lion King, Bambi, The Jungle Book, and so on. And watching Wish, we can all see where this pattern comes from.
Upon arriving on Earth, Star enchants every creature in the woods, allowing them to speak human language. This might be a hint that Star is actually the reason why several animals in the Disney Universe are sentient. Even better, when a bear and a deer talk to each other, they call the other John and Bambi, referencing John from Robin Hood and Bambi from the titular film. 
A rabbit is also seen thumping his foot while speaking, referencing Thumper from Bambi as well. The mice Bernard and Bianca are also featured in the sequence. While these could be just a cool Easter Egg from Wish, these animals could also be variants from another universe of the original characters.

#6. Magnifico Inspires Other Disney Villains

Magnifico Inspires Other Disney Villains Source: Disney
Magnifico doesn’t need a sad backstory of a twist in his tale to be a villain, he’s just that selfish and evil. The sorcerer who’s incredibly proficient in magic, many fans believe Magnifico inspires many other iconic Disney bad guys. 
We can find traces of them in his lab: From Yzma’s poison potion, the Magic Mirror, Ursula’s magic hand, and the Evil Queen’s poison apple. This may suggest that other Disney villains have learned this magic through Magnifico, and use it for their own evil schemes.

#7. The World Of Neverland And Wish May Be Connected

The World Of Neverland And Wish May Be Connected Source: Disney
In the movie, Magnifico is seen crushing three different dreams to gain more power. For the first wish he crushes, he says: “How about Neverland?”. Therefore, fans believe that Neverland, the land where Peter Pan and Tinker Bell come from, is actually connected to the world of Wish.
Magnifico then continues to destroy a wish for a nanny to take care of the children, referencing Mary Poppins. The third one, he says “So much for true love,” referencing basically every classic Disney title with a princess in it.
Do you think Disney is planning to make a multiverse of their own? Did Wish set up the Disney multiverse through these references? Share your thoughts in the comments.
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