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  1. #1. Season 3 of His Dark Materials
  2. #2. Will There Be A Season 4 Of His Dark Materials?

Will There Be A Season 4 Of His Dark Materials?

Searching for information about season 4 of His Dark Materials? Here we go! Since the BBC purchased the rights in 2015, it has been a seven-year juggernaut trying to adapt Philip Pullman's famed His Dark Materials novels into a multi-season TV series. We finally get the much-anticipated third season of the beloved and; some would argue, underappreciated fantasy series in the winter of 2022.
However, the new chapter of His Dark Materials marks the series's final installment, leaving fans to wonder why they won't be treated to a fourth season.

#1. Season 3 of His Dark Materials

Season 4 Of His Dark Materials Source: HBO
Season 3 of His Dark Materials premiered on HBO in the United States on December 5, and it will premiere on BBC One and iPlayer in the United Kingdom on December 18. After the thrilling events of season 2, where Dafne Keen's Lyra was kidnapped by a desperate Mrs. Coulter, and Amir Wilson's Will became her unlikely ally, the new chapter continues up the plot.
The tension has been mounting all along, but in season 3, it reaches a fever pitch because Lyra and Will must go somewhere no one has ever gone. The impending war between Lord Asriel and the Authority/Kingdom of Heaven is drawing closer, and with it, the understanding that preventing global catastrophe would require paying an enormous price.

#2. Will There Be A Season 4 Of His Dark Materials?

Season 4 Of His Dark Materials
Due to its source material—a trilogy of books by Philip Pullman—the third season of His Dark Materials will be its last. Season 3 adapts the final novel in the trilogy, The Amber Spyglass, and after that story is delivered, the trilogy is complete. However, executive producer Jane Tranter of His Dark Materials had hoped for a lengthier run time.
I intended to split it [The Amber Spyglass] in two, but we're doing it in one," Tranter said in a 2020 interview with Deadline. Sometimes it's impossible to get what you want. I fully and humbly accept that I was mistaken about adapting The Amber Spyglass into eight episodes.
Given the large number of volumes being adopted, the decision to conclude His Dark Materials after three seasons might seem reasonable. However, Tranter reportedly wanted the TV adaptation to stretch for as many as nine seasons so that he could explore every detail of the novels.
"But regrettably, that's probably the incorrect thing for an audience," she said during a panel at the Edinburgh International TV Festival. "It's expensive and it's a season a book and that's it and now it's finishing, and some people would have appreciated it."

SPIN-OFFS Instead of Season 4

Season 4 Of His Dark Materials
There's still hope for a return to Philip Pullman's world even though His Dark Materials is ending after three seasons. Even though he could have easily wrapped up the plot after three novels, the author has returned to Lyra's world on multiple occasions to write short stories and a new trilogy called The Book of Dust.
Pullman is now writing the third and final installment of his Book of Dust trilogy. The first two books, La Belle Sauvage and The Secret Commonwealth, have already been published. In a conversation with the RadioTimes in 2020, Jane Tranter stated that there were no immediate plans to adopt the new trilogy but that she was open to the possibility.
She went on to say that "La Belle Sauvage has had Lyra as a newborn," providing some background on Asriel and Coulter and Lyra's genesis tale. Moreover, The Secret Commonwealth ranks among the finest works I've ever read. For some reasons, I can't imagine a more effective study of depression than this fantastic setting.
She said, "It's a fascinating story, yet, as everything Philip does, it has several dimensions to it." And it's a truly remarkable work... massive in scale and scope. But if we were ever given a chance, we would go for it.
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