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  1. Will Roman Reigns Win At Wrestlemania 39?
  2. What Did Roman Reigns Say About Wrestlemania 39?

Will Roman Reigns Win At Wrestlemania 39? What Did He Say?

Will Roman Reigns win at Wrestlemania 39? Roman Reigns will put an end to Cody Rhodes' storyline by capturing the Undisputed Championship on the second night of WWE WrestleMania 39. With the events on Saturday, there is now more interest in the fight.

Will Roman Reigns Win At Wrestlemania 39?

Will Roman Reigns Win At Wrestlemania 39 Will Roman Reigns Win At Wrestlemania 39? Source: Wrestlemania
Roman Reigns was considered almost irreplaceable after serving as the face of WWE for nearly three years and following Brock Lesnar's unsuccessful effort to remove the long-time champion from his throne. The Bloodline's star power eventually surpassed that of previously popular wrestlers such as Drew McIntyre, Kevin Owens, and even Randy Orton. This occurred over several years.
Cody Rhodes was introduced as the next great thing in the division by WWE, but Reigns continued to retain his domination even though there were no clear babyfaces to match his popularity. The Tribal Chief will win the Universal Championship for the one-thousandth time at WWE WrestleMania 39. Still, he won't be able to enjoy reaching this significant milestone until he successfully defends his title against Cody Rhodes.


The fans believe that Roman Reigns deserves the accolade since he has "carried the organization on his back" for a considerable time. In addition, if WWE were to lose versus Rhodes, it would essentially kill their finest babyface, which would be a disaster for the company. The company may never have another opportunity as good as this one to see global championships.
Before the beginning of the first day of WWE WrestleMania 39, the odds for the contest to become the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion were equal. On Saturday, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn did the unthinkable and ended The Usos' storied run as tag team champions. In the commentary, Michael Cole points out that the Vehicle is just one hit away from going over the mountain's edge.

What Did Roman Reigns Say About Wrestlemania 39?

Will Roman Reigns Win At Wrestlemania 39 Will Roman Reigns Win At Wrestlemania 39?
Now that WWE has ended The Usos' reign of terror for a whole year, they can finally end The Bloodline. The fact that Cody Rhodes is a celebrity and has been protected from danger up to this point gives him a little edge. As a result of his decisive victory against Solo Sikoa, The American Nightmare has never been defeated by a member of The Bloodline leading up to WrestleMania 39. This is demonstrated by the fact that The American Nightmare won the match.
Cody Rhodes and the Tribe Chief never engaged in a physical confrontation with one another. The most recent episode of WWE SmackDown was watched by many people expecting Reigns to lose his cool and attack someone at some point during the show. Even though Reigns departed the stage, making a very obvious statement with his body language, the crowd was still quite unhappy after the match.


Daniel Cormier, a former champion of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, recently had a conversation with Roman Reigns on ESPN. The Chairman of the Table explained why he and The American Nightmare avoided a physical altercation.
Because we have such a fantastic background and conversation to offer, and because there is so much intrigue, we can move somewhere else, and we can save the physical storytelling for tomorrow when we won't need to go physical when the information that is shared between two people is so detailed and rich.
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