Will Lois Lane Die Because Of Cancer? Superman And Lois Season 3 Episode 2 Update

Will Lois Lane die because of cancer? Here's the latest update of Superman And Lois.
This week, we are back with another episode of Superman And Lois. Previously, Lois found out that she might actually be pregnant based on her symptoms. Therefore, in this episode, Lois decides to take a series of follow-up test. However, nothing would be able to prepare her for what's about to come next.

#1. Does Lois Lane Have Cancer?

will lois lane die because of cancerSource: Shane Harvey/The CW

Unfortunately, the answer is yes. Lois Lane has cancer. The result of the follow-up test has confirmed Lois's worst nightmare: she is not pregnant, but she is diagnosed of inflammatory breast cancer (IBC), which is a rare and aggressive disease.
Lois is extremely devastated, but she tries her best to keep this secret from everyone else. However, the truth eventually spills out as she attempts to prevent a judge who gets blackmailed from committing suicide.

will lois lane die because of cancerSource: Shane Harvey/The CW

"I understand that fear. Because I’m facing something uncontrollable, too. I just found out I have cancer. And it’s aggressive. And all day, I’ve been trying to hang onto hope. But it’s really hard, because I’m really scared. But what I know, or what I believe, is that the only way to take back control is to fight. If I can do it, you can do it, too.", she confesses.
And that's also how Superman finds out that his loving partner has cancer. He immediately rushes to comfort her on the rooftop, leading to an extremely emotional scene. The couple then returns home to tell their sons, Jonathan and Jordan, of the news. They all break in tears while hugging each other.


#2. Will Lois Lane Die Because Of Cancer?

will lois lane die because of cancerSource: Shane Harvey/The CW

Well, at the moment, the answer is not certain yet. However, we do have a glimpse of what would happen to Lois in the future.
The show producers Todd Helbing and Brent Fletcher shared that they have been discussing Lois' cancer diagnosis since the end of Season 2. "We’re not going to despair and darkness all the time. We have a very hopeful family, and we hold onto that, but we’re never telling the audience that the threat isn’t real.”, Fletcher said in an interview with TV Line.

will lois lane die because of cancerSource: The CW

In an interview with TV Insider, actress Bitsie Tulloch confirmed that Lois would get physically weaker due to her chemotherapy treatments. During chemotherapy, viewers would notice Lois wearing a cold cap, which helps prevent things like hair loss.
Bitsie also revealed how the cancer diagnosis would affect the Kent family to Entertainment Weekly: "Lois approaches it the way you might anticipate she would, which is: I'm not going to let this affect me. I have work to do, I have stuff to do, we have an investigation to do, I have to go after these villains".
However, at a certain point, she would have to confront the fact that she's too sick to do anything she wishes she could do. Having to cope with this is also terrifying for Clark, as the superhero isn't used to being afraid of anything. This would draw the couple much closer together.

#3. Does Lois Lane Have Cancer In The Original Comic?

will lois lane die because of cancerSource: Shane Harvey/The CW

In Superman & Batman: Generations, Lois Lane appears as a heavy smoker. Later on, she was diagnosed with lung cancer in 1969. Despite the diagnosis, Lois managed to live another ten years.


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