Wild Cards 2024 Filming Locations: Where Is Wild Cards Filmed?

"Wild Cards," coming out in 2024, is a drama series that mixes crime-solving and comedy. It follows the odd team-up between a sarcastic cop, Ellis, and a smart con artist, Max.
Filmed in amazing places in British Columbia, Canada, and Toronto, Ontario, the series highlights the natural beauty and urban charm of Vancouver, Langley, and Toronto, which play a key role in setting the scene for this one-of-a-kind crime show.
Source: CBC

Filming for Wild Cards took place in Vancouver, British Columbia and Langley between July 24, 2023 and October 27, 2023. Followed by a day shoot in Toronto, Ontari.

1. Vancouver: A City With Great Nature & Diverse Culture

Vancouver serves as one of the primary filming locations for "Wild Cards." Known for its awesome nature scenes and lively mix of cultures, Vancouver offers an ideal backdrop for the series. The city's cool city spots and beautiful natural areas provide a flexible setting for the show's exterior sequences.

One notable location featured is the Burrard Street Bridge, an iconic structure that adds a unique visual touch to the series.

2. Langley: A Mix Of City & Countryside Vibes

Langley, a municipality in British Columbia, is another key filming location for "Wild Cards." Divided into Langley City and Langley Township, this area offers a cool mix of urban development and rural beauty.

The production team utilized various parts of Langley to film important scenes, taking advantage of the region's wide open spaces. From quaint streets to wide open spaces, Langley adds real depth to the series.

Wild Cards 2024 filming locationsSource: CBC

3. Toronto: A Blend Of Urban Sophistication & Cultural Diversity

Toronto, Ontario, also features prominently in "Wild Cards." This bustling city, known for its urban sophistication and cultural diversity, provides a vibrant backdrop for certain scenes in the series. Its mix of modern architecture and historic neighborhoods adds to the show's diverse urban setting, complementing the natural and rural settings found in British Columbia.

4. Maritime Unit: Highlighting The Coastal Side Of The Story

While not a specific location, the maritime unit where Ellis, the demoted detective, spends a year, is a crucial setting to the series. Given Vancouver's coastal location, it's likely that the city's waterfront and harbor areas were used to represent this aspect of the plot, aligning with the narrative's coastal themes.

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