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Wild Cards: Release Date, Plot, Cast - Your Complete Guide!

"Wild Cards," set to debut in January 2024, features Giacomo Gianniotti as demoted detective Ellis and Vanessa Morgan as skilled scammer Max. The duo, forced to collaborate to solve crimes, navigates challenges, blending traditional policing with cunning schemes.

Jason Priestley joins as George, Max's conman father. The series promises a dynamic mix of crime-solving and intricate scams, exploring trust and partnership dynamics between its characters.


Wild Cards Release Date:

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It is scheduled to premiere on January 10, 2024 on CBC Television and its associated digital streaming platform CBC Gem in Canada and on-demand, as well on both platforms' respective websites and on January 17, 2024.

Where To Watch:

Audiences can watch Wild Cards on The CW and next day on the CW app, on-demand and online on The CW's website in the US.


Wild Cards Cast:

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Vanessa Morgan, renowned for her role in Riverdale, steps into the lead role of Max, a skilled scammer reluctantly partnering with Giacomo Gianniotti's Ellis, a no-nonsense detective. The show promises to explore their evolving dynamic as they grapple with trust issues and the challenges of forming an unlikely partnership.
Joining the ensemble is Jason Priestley, best known for Beverly Hills, 90210, portraying George, a master con man and Max's incarcerated father. Despite his imprisonment, George remains a powerful and beloved figure within the prison community, adding layers of complexity to Max's backstory and motivations.
Set to premiere in January 2024, Wild Cards stands out as one of the few series with a confirmed debut date. As fans anticipate this crime procedural, the CW network gears up for a thrilling lineup, with returning series like All American, Superman & Lois, and Walker slated for new seasons in April, and the Kent family's story set to unfold later, possibly in the summer, culminating in its fourth season.
Get ready for an exciting ride with Wild Cards!
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