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  1. Why Was Mastodon Banned On Twitter?

Why Was Mastodon Banned On Twitter? A Change In Policy

Why Was Mastodon banned on Twitter? Here we go! The repercussions of Twitter's decision to suspend an account that tracks Elon Musk's private jet is still being felt one day after the social media platform introduced a new guideline to justify its action.
On Thursday afternoon, Twitter appears to have removed Mastodon, an open-source alternative to its service. According to the archives, Mastodon (@joinmastodon) tweeted a link to the jet tracking account that was hosted on its own site just before the service was taken offline.

Why Was Mastodon Banned On Twitter?

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Update: As of 6:30 PM Pacific Time, many links to Mastodon are no longer functional on Twitter, which labels them as "possibly dangerous." In our testing, URLs tweeted to servers that did not contain Mastodon's name anywhere in the domain appeared to function properly. 'Mstdn. social' and 'mastodon. social' are two domains that have been banned, while links to 'journal. host' and a few other sites continue to function normally.
As the Twitter alternative gained popularity, many users included a link to their Mastodon profile in their respective bios. Any links to blacklisted Mastodon servers will result in an error message that reads "Warning: this link may be hazardous" being displayed alongside the link.
Twitter has, as of 8 p.m. Pacific Time (PT) restricted access to further Mastodon servers whose domain names do not include a reference to the service. These servers include journal. host and SciComm. xyz.
Jack Sweeney, a student at the University of Florida, was the owner of the now-banned Twitter account @ElonJet. Sweeney also controls several other flight-tracking bots that compile flight information from publicly available sources. Along with many bots, including the one that provided updates on Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Sweeney's personal Twitter account was also suspended by the social media platform.

Twitter Recently Has Changed Their Policy

Mastodon Banned On Twitter
Musk took a different approach to the account at the beginning of November, but he has since changed his mind. He is now modifying the policies of Twitter's platform to his tastes. "My commitment to free speech extends even to not blocking the account tracking my plane, even if this poses a clear risk to my safety," he wrote on Twitter. "My commitment to free speech extends even further than that." This tweet is currently being followed with community comments that explain the @ElonJet saga.
Since Musk became the hands-on new owner of Twitter, his personal and political inclinations have had a significant role in the formation of several Twitter policy decisions. Although Musk initially stated that Twitter would permit any content as long as it was not unlawful, he has later forbidden certain accounts for his reasons.
Earlier this month, Musk reinstated a wave of high-profile Nazis and white supremacists. Still, he drew the line at Sandy Hook conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, citing his own experience as a father. The reason he gave was that he felt it was inappropriate.
One person can't determine the policies that apply to the entirety of Mastodon, a federated and open-source alternative to Twitter. Users can go to a different server if they don't agree with the rules chosen for them by the people who administer the Mastodon servers, which are independent but open instances of the social network. These servers are known as Mastodon.
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