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  1. #1. Why Was 1899 Cancelled?

Why Was 1899 Cancelled? Comprehensive Reasons

Why was 1899 cancelled? The streaming service Netflix has opted not to renew the television drama 1889 for a second season even though it has just completed one season. A message was published on the official Instagram account of the show's co-creator, Baran bo Odar. The show's other co-creator, Jantje Freise also signed the statement.
We regret to tell you that '1899' has been canceled after one season. Like with "Dark," we would have liked to conclude this incredible journey with a second and third season. Unfortunately, life rarely follows a predetermined script. This is just the way things are," Odar said.

#1. Why Was 1899 Cancelled?

Why Was 1899 Cancelled Source: Netflix
"We are aware that this would come as a letdown to millions of admirers worldwide. On the other hand, we would like to express our gratitude to you from the depths of our souls for participating in this amazing journey. You have our love. Never forget." After that, both signed their names at the bottom of the statement.
Regrettably, despite widespread speculation, Netflix has not yet provided any word on the show's cancellation. Viewers are perplexed by the decision to stop the program because it reached the second spot on the list of the top 10 shows on Netflix and was just behind The Crown, which is an excellent show and one that there is no shame in being behind.
According to Variety, the program generated more than 79.27 million hours of watching in just four days. After it was determined that the program would serve as a follow-up to Dark, which was also developed by Odar and Freise, a contract for the show's production was signed for three years, this was the first time that Netflix has ever offered a deal of this nature for a show based in Europe.


Why Was 1899 Cancelled
Fans should hold on to their hope for the program for the time being because this is not the first time a show has been abruptly canceled despite having strong ratings. Several television programs, including Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Arrested Development, AP Bio, Baywatch, Designated Survivor, and even Family Guy, have been canceled and subsequently revived.
The first season of 1899 was generally well-received by critics; the show's score of 76% on the review aggregate website Rotten Tomatoes indicates as much. Many questions about Netflix's rationale for canceling the show may be resolved after the company has had a chance to explain its position. Considering the number of viewers and its high score on Rotten Tomatoes, another network or production company may bring the show back.
Fans should be attentive for further information from Netflix and anybody else who may have a theory as to why what took place took place. The first season of 1899 is still available to view in its entirety on Netflix right now.
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